General News Thread 2.0


Got two news articles that got my attention. Wanted to share.

Before doing so I want to be very clear I am NOT defending pedophilia. Don’t go there. Simple people like to use simple rhetoric that concludes anyone talking my position has a vested interest in protecting pedophiles. I have a vested interest in the rule of law to discourage vigilantism. I am too black for that.

I have to be clear on my position on pedophiles because I found myself in sympathy with them. I see many things wrong with the so called pedo hunters.

I am torn wrestling with the irony that our society is okay with calling the cops on children selling lemonade, or calling the cops on people doing nothing wrong but when it comes to actual dangerous threats to society we feel embolden with a camera and a mask. We call the cops on children but run up in the face of a pedophile with a camera and a mask because…

It also goes without saying that taunting or encouraging someone into sucide is deplorable. I don’t think it can be argued that that is not the desired outcome of the pedo hunters. If the motivation was criminal justice then the cops would be on hand, evidence would be turned over to the law enforcement. However the motivation is shame and self sacrifice.

The trend seems to be that these folks hurt the cause more than they help/ In the article it mentions a situation in which the pedo hunter gets beat by one of the men he accused and all the charges get dropped. So even if that man was a pedo and obviously did beat that man up he skates because of the man’s tactics and history.

And of course what happens in the case of mistaken identity. How much patience do you have for a masked youth jumping in your face with a camera streaming to facebook live while screaming “your a pedo!” Will you have the patience to wait for justice through a defamation lawsuit or are you about to commit assault on film?

I am concerned with what I view as entrapment-I have never felt good about role playing as a bad guy to catch bad guys. Even when it is cut and dry acts of terrorism the FBI got a would be terrorist to buy a bomb off them, I am skeptical. Would they have tried to buy that bomb if the agent didn’t present themselves?

At the end I don’t like vigilante justice and I don’t think that this shaming culture we have adopted for the internet is helpfull. Sticking cameras in people’s faces in an effort to extort a desired behavior I think is dangerous.

I am not shocked to see him get handled by a woman. I have only been alive for about 30 or so years but my experience is that men who attack women or have an overt love of guns aren’t usually very good with their hands. It seems he thought the grab was enough. As I get older I am noticing people don’t really want to fight they don’t really want conflict they only want to scare you.

The woman wasn’t even getting in solid punches but even as she is on her toes being grabbed she is able to land punches over and down. Even gets her balance back and is able to damn near pull him on the counter.

All the man in the video did piss poor and are shamefull. We got three men in this video Asian, Black, White. All of em worthless.

The Asian man needs to loose his job, I have worked several fast food jobs (assist manager) You never let customers assault staff the fuck is wrong with you. Grown ass man watching his employee fight off another grown man. In the end he doesn’t even call the cops, he still gives the man his food. So the manager let a customer try to beat up his workers and then gives him food and a smile. But not before the manager allows the customer to assault ANOTHER female employee. So this manager let a customer come in and assault two employees and he still get his happy meal.

The black dude is second only to the white guy in this video as far as damage to the woman. How you gonna hold the woman back? So the person that is being grabbed with another arm restrained, needs another man restraining her from behind? You about to let the dude land punches. Restrain the aggressor. He should have been a man about that. If the manager wanna be a punk you gotta stand up just as a man-as a human. The fuck?

the white dude well you know they gonna say he is mentally ill. They already got his momma on in the media crying for him. The funny thing is the only reason the dude got caught is because he called the cops. The guy who assaulted two workers at their job called the cops on the employee that defended herself. What a joke.

I am noticing a trend the oldest males among us are clinging on to weapons for self respect and power.



I don’t expect criminals to always be smart. I was even gonna give benefit of the doubt that the guy didn’t realize he was in a Karate school until it was too late. But to read that the guy is trying to throw hands in the dojo with a class full of students is wow.

With a gun or a knife I wouldn’t want to fight someone who knows Karate. So to be unarmed and still trying to take a school of em on is mega big balls

That’s confidence to die for, also the kinda confidence to get you killed.

Of course the Instructor beat his ass-free advertising.


The two men, both aged 26, were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the production of cannabis and remain in custody, a force spokesman said.

Why the fuck are you deploying firearms officers to a weed bust? The hell is this shit?



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Hey, we finally found someone who benefits from Trump’s idiotic trade war, and you’ll never guess who it is!


I am going to take a wild guess and say Vladimir Putin and Xi Jingping?



We are nearing a major milestone in this game Trump is playing with China…


Trump’s biggest mistake was underestimating China. Never, ever underestimate China. We learnt that why can’t Americans?


They also should not have underestimated Japan…


True but the US have constantly underestimated China they only underestimated Japan once. We did not underestimate Japan why didn’t the US?


Because over-estimation of another party leads to capitulating the game.
To those of us, personally or nationally, not in the leading edge of the Game of the World, we can afford to regard things in a more matter-of-fact way.

Winners have to always start from the supposition they can (and will) get ahead or stay on top.


“Oh look, turns out that shitty idea we had and did turned out to be really shitty after all. GENIUS!”


As a hater of President Donald Trump I view the government shut down as an act of treason on behalf of the Russian government for the further destabilization of the American government.

Hearing journalists report that TSA agents aren’t taking laptops out of bags.

Sick out’s and lack luster security checks aside I really wonder if anyone dangerous is thinking about taking this opportunity to attack. I see people making jokes about shipping drugs through now that the TSA GDAF so what about the people that wanna do harm.

Heart goes out to the people not getting paid, heard the population is like the size of San Fransisco. If this keeps going it’s going to mess with taxes.

I don’t think the TSA will last one month unpaid.
it won’t last one missed rent payment.

Those are still low paying jobs and most of the people are pay check to pay check. I beleive they have already missed one check or this Friday is the first full check they missed. Another two weeks and that’s it-IMO


I am getting really angry now. Sorry all this is from german sites, but if you ask for a source, I link it with a short summary.

Part 1: Snowden Leaks. Many many people were upset about being illegally spied on by the US and UK.

Part 2: Dust has settled, the political reaction: It is OK and our own secret service should do all that too!

later that decade

Part 3: Everyone in the German parliament got personal data leaked. Mostly phone numbers but also chatlogs and more private stuff like data of their children

Part 4: No need for the dust to settle, political reaction: More laws, more offices, more police to ensure privacy.

WHAT THE HELL. When the last person who ever went online gets spied on by an foreign country, it is suddenly no close-to-war act, it is a “that is not so nice” action. But once those who played that down are directly affected, shit hits the fan.

The best thing, you cannot do something against the NSA. They bruteforce encryption with more calculation power than our country has in total, they have backdoors in some network encryption, they force American digital companies to give them european data (which is not equal to US-citizen data, thanks Patriot Act!) and so on.
But here, it seems the hacker made use of another leak from March. The education software of the German Parliament used a very outdated version. It was the parliament’s own fault for having that leaked. Now it seems quite some high ranked politicians did use the same passwords as in this education software and this happened.

Yes, it was not okay to get access and leak this data. But I can see what we usual citizen are worth now.

Also, the sad thing, the reaction on the NSA scandal, and the reaction now, is in reality the same: More state, more surveilance, less rights.


What if they put a fraction of that effort on Trump’s taxes. I don’t need to see Cortez tits I need to see Trump’s taxes.

Shout of to the foot freaks for holding true