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This is actual headlines, 2018. When foot fetishists are more trustworthy than the president of the United States


He Jiankui, controversial billionaire physicist who claimed he and his team successfully conducted DNA alteration of unnamed twin sister embryos using “Delta 32” mutation - an effort to make the twins immune to HIV but with unknown side effects - is now an “elusive target surrounded by guards in his complex” following threats he received after the revelation he had actually conducted the Delta 32 procedure. He made the revelation at a symposium where the objective of the scientific community was to dissuade him from completing his work. Little did they realize they were already too late.

He Jiankui’s massive fortune meant he was able to fund the entire research and procedure himself. No Scientific or Medical organizations have vetted his work, and whatever few he consulted all warned him not to proceed.

No one knows the identities of the world’s first Delta 32 mutants and the facility that supposedly conducted the operation now denies any such operation took place.

While it is possible He Jiankui merely bluffed about the creation of the Delta 32 mutants, those close enough to him to have been consulted about the work have reason to believe that he’s actually done it due to his fascination with making history - regardless of the rules.


Interesting that what he said is an actual phrase used by some people. While I am inclined to believe the man I still think the station did what it had to do. I’ve heard of on air talent getting the boot for slip ups they make on air. I am surprised the station waited as long as it did before booting him but it seems just.

this is a good example: Ol boy got the ax after his first day on the job.

So yeah even though I don’t think the first guy is racist, I dunno, I still think it was a mistake that cost him.


its kinda sad that when a female who is remotely attractive becomes a politician her nudes get more attention than her politics


US-China trade talks in Beijing extended as America wins massive seeds, corn, and soybean agreement with China. China agreed to relax on restrictions and tariffs over imports on US products in this category which is seen as a big gain by the US as trade talks continue.

This is all happening with Trump and Xi agreeing to a 90-day ceasefire in escalating tariffs. The next bracket leap will see 25% tariffs slung across the board. Unless of course the plan all along was to squeeze deals out of China and then ‘call the whole thing off’… just like he suddenly called off sanctions against Iran.

Again Trump making people talk by refusing to come to the table and by appearing disagreeable.


I think you mean by being actually disagreeable and are leaving out that the only people benefiting are billionaires who can run at a loss while the tarrifs destroy the viability of their smaller scale competitors.

Basically using the people he is responsible for protecting as buffers to line his own pockets rather than learn basic diplomacy.

(I should also add that some resolution looking like it might happen eventually is a pretty predictable result, since generally speaking world leaders want to avoid wars and catastrophe - being the asshole who doesn’t care because you don’t understand the gravity of what you’re doing or care how many of your people die isn’t a “strategy” any more than being a bank robber is)


Video starts at (6:00)


There is no crisis of immigration, walls are wastes of money


The statistics and data being used to justify this wall should be verified. I believe some of the figures being used to justify the wall include data representing Non-Illegal migrations.

Even then, other more cost effective (and possibly more effective) solutions should be considered first.


Either way it will still be near to or exceeding 5 billion dollars.

But I suppose absolutely nothing can circumvent a wall ./s


I’ve heard stats being touted from the Trump white house debunked within minutes, I don’t even bother giving them credence anymore. This guy lies like his job depends on it (perhaps it does) and I’m no fool; A liar’s word means nothing.

His press spokeslady tried to say 4000 illegals came into the country from the south as an argument for this wall. Lo and behold, ALL 4000 were at airports.

Don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes.

I bullshit amongst the best, and you can’t bullshit a bullshitter


Not entirely true. In most cases billionaires at least represent the livelihoods of many thousand wage earners who work for them.

That said, the science and pattern of Trump’s activity does have high potential for conflict of interest and self gain.



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