General News Thread 2.0


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We use their radio burst to make long distance calls to the planets in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.


patterns don’t necessarily mean anything significant. They most likely do, but an exact radio transmission indicates more of “we possess the same technology” rather than “we are the ultimate being, bow down”

Yeah, anyone else want pizza? sausage and mushrooms are my fav


One knowledgeable person chimed in that “Even if it was a transmission. These are radio waves. So it likely took years to get to us if it was indeed from an intelligent source outside the Milky Way. They would have long since already hung up.” :stuck_out_tongue:


What…Ford calling his mum again? Or is it Zaphod? :crazy_face:


Revenge pornography site co-owner arrested in South Korea. Ironically, the co-owner of the site, that has victimized many women in South Korea through non-consensual exposure, is actually a woman.





I saw the go found me page reached 20.000.000$ in 3 weeks. Highest donation was 50.000$.
Guess plenty of people really do want that wall.


Steve King isn’t racist, he’s just worried about western civilization. Which is why he’s so opposed to Catholic, Spanish-speaking immigrants from Latin America. :wink:


The problem with immigration issues is that it is one thing to regard them statistically, it is another thing to regard them qualitatively.

If someone lost a loved one, for example, to a crime committed by an illegal immigrant then they don’t care if that was the only one all year. For them that is one too many. They can then quickly magnify the anguish online and among peers.

Pretty much after passing the pain on and others coming out… you can get 20,000,000 for a wall, or any other suggestion to supposedly solve the “problem”.


I think this is sort of an understatement. Radio waves travel at the speed of light, but the galaxy is beyond massive. For light to travel across the galaxy takes (I believe) a hundred thousand years.
If the source is outside, then light from the closest galaxy would take more than two million years.

Responding to a signal beyond the Milky Way Galaxy with radio waves would be pointless.

Edit: I just checked an article on this, and it says the source is 1,5 billion light years away.


Then not only has any transmitting entity long hung up. They may have also long since died and so on.

I suppose in the infinite wisdom of how the universe is created, the sheer size of the universe helps prevent intergalactic annihilation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhh two words: Reaper Invasion.




Reminds me of the discussions after 9/11 about whether or not it should be legal to shoot down a passenger plane hijacked by terrorist. Since we never had another attack with hijacked airplanes not much happened afterwards.


A question that can’t be forgotten at some point in every philosophy class. Thanks Osama.


This is the most important thing to happen in the new year so far




I still think my political prediction is on track. This is the longest shutdown in American history. 24 days is just shy of the 30 day month. Rent is gonna be due. Most American’s live paycheck to paycheck with less than 1,000 in the bank. In most major cities that’s rent (maybe) for 1 month.

This is it in the next few weeks this is all gonna come to a head. Either one of America’s many enemies will finally give us what is due or the system grinds to a halt. I think that government strikes are illegal but this has to be done.

It makes no sense that the people who are shutting down the government are all getting paid. Even more disgusting than that is that the Senate instead of at least partial funding or focusing on the shut down. Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio want to make sure you are punished for boycotting Israel.

Will there ever be a day when the Americans care for America more than they care for Israel.