General News Thread 2.0


And this is where we part ways. Have a good one


Yer missing out if you don’t at least give it a shot


I can’t get into the screaming.


I can dig this:


Are you trying to say Big Shaq isn’t innovative?


I treat the vocalists in extreme metal bands the same way I’d treat a guitar or something - Another layer to the music, filling out a sonic spectrum rather than being a focal point. It’s not supposed to be singing and it’s certainly not supposed to be pretty.

That said there are bands who mix both screamed vocals and singing to good effect. I really miss Textures, they split last year but made some amazing Polyrhythmic metal that had tons of melody too.


Yeah I am just going to leave this here.


Yeah actually I take it back, those 16/12 polyrhythms aint got shit on “2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick maths”

sorry thomas haake


Hehehehe one of the few albums I have on vinyl.

This is where we differ then, I’ve always really valued the sound of the vocalist’s voice. Probably why I always prefer female singers, why Robert Plant is my least favorite part of my favorite band, and why I really like Morcheeba…


Absolutely heartbreaking, 24 hours after signing a contract with a premier league club. Thoughts with family and friends, questions need to be asked about the type of aircraft chosen for this particular flight in those conditions.


Me too, and there’s few voices as satisfying to me as Jacob Bannon’s for example. The guy sounds like an absolute demon.

There’s a character to it that is totally unique and full of life, aggression and love. I appreciate all types of vocals, whether that’s singing, rapping, screaming, whatever - Just perform it with some passion and i’ll find something to love about it usually.


Uh guys we already have a thread for music based discussions. Lets just focus on the news


Trump is a fuckface that’s ruined my country. Not exactly news though, is it?

How do we all think this shutdown standoff will end?


Nuclear explosions going off to Vera Lynn’s “Well Meet Again”


But what’s your serious answer?


What!? That was my serious answer! But seriously I have no fucking clue but I read an article that the tech used in self-driving cars can do the job of a border wall with out pissing away 5 billion plus dollars.


Link? Sounds like total bullshit, the tech with self-driving cars is wayy underdeveloped currently.


Oh. it was a CNBC article (I have a mutual distrust of many major American TV outlet that includes FOX and the like, I have my own preferred news channel. Sorry if that makes me sound like a nutter I am not). I would post it but I have to many links open it slows my computer to a fucking crawl.


You don’t want to share with us plebs at the HMF?

Our news media has taken a nosedive since 2016, don’t blame you.

As someone who lives in Detroit, car capitol of the world, self-driving tech is very, very, far off. We are at least a decade from seeing it in practice. That being said, perhaps some of the features being developed could help border security somehow? (A wall is literally the most ancient thing you could do)

Git gud, son.


Sorry for being evasive. It is the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Completely non-corporate, they are funded by the government (except when it is the Liberal Party (our Republicans) in charge). I trust my own government more than a corporation entity.

Sorry I had too, couldn’t resist.

My guess is drone technology, we use drones to help spot bushfires and stuff like that and in Africa it is for poachers. Sensor relays could detect movement out of range of human perception and in far away places. But ultimately the wall is a stupid idea that has more ramifications than Trump can even comprehend.