General News Thread 2.0


Further revise your statement? It still doesn’t make sense. Also you’re giving of elitist tones touting your homeland as something other than a prison colony.

Seriously though, I suggest you look into the current status of Detroit. It’s no longer a shithole. It’s gentrified as fuck


Gah I was just teasing you. I will delete that part since I realised how poorly written it is. I mean I know Detroit has made award winning strides to gentrify and I applaud that. I have also wanted to see the Mowtwon Museum and the Automaker Mansions.

Yeah my country has not been a penal colony in over two centuries, so I also suggest you see the Mercer ratings and see how many Aussie cities crack the top 30.


“Gah, I was just teasing”



I figured you were either being defensive or you were wasted. I have been called evasicve and elitist twice on this thread and defensive on another.


Why not all three?

I take offense to being assumed as wasted


Never thought I’d have a positive reaction to an Al Jazeera article in the 2010s


True but I like to give credit where credit is due and assume you are not perpetually drunk.




Putin always looks so depressed. Do you think if we bought him a puppy he would cheer the fuck up?


The puppy would probabaly die under mysterious circumstances


Never mind I was thinking of something else, I don’t remember what it is or why I thought it was Al J.


Radium cake buried beneath the dog house or Novichok in his waterbowl? Those are his go to moves and neither are mysterious


Tragically shot dead in failed robbery on Putin’s birthday


“I got to say that today was a good day”


Oh my god

This is one of the most elitist things I have ever heard someone say in my life


Fucking genius!. Truly this is the fiscal version of Ice-9.


So, apparently China is creating and cloning depressed monkeys in the name of science. I just needed to type that out, so I can better process the reality of it.


Yeah that’s a disconnect from reality right there. Why the fuck should they have to effectively borrow their own wages. Insane.


Because he’s the lender. And a cunt.


Why depressed monkeys? :thinking:


It’s something along the lines of seeing how inconsistent sleeping patterns affect your health.