General News Thread 2.0


I gotta do it, I gotta go in on a conspiracy I cooked up and spread my paranoia, Jar forgive me.

Okay, so it’s looking more and more like Donald Trump is a Russian asset. At this point anyone who doesn’t believe that Donald Trump doesn’t have some connection to the Russian government is either not paying attention or a Trump supporter.

With that being said If Donald Trump is a Russian asset then in some serious ways this shut down is good for him. The FBI arrested Roger Stone this morning for free. The federal courts are going to shut down next month. What if Donald Trump’s gambit is that he shuts down and grinds down the administrative and legal functions of the government in such a way that it is unable to investigate him and his administration. Basically burning down the house to get rid of the evidence inside.

Of course this would be high treason how could it not? If it is proven that Trump is a Russian asset then the shut down would, could be, and I think should be seen as an act of war by the Russian government. If and when a terror attack or an accident takes place as a result of the shut down the blood is on the hands of Donald Trump and the Russian government.

Basically Donald Trump is a knowing and hostile agent against the United States working in connection with the Russian government to destabilize the government. This is exactly what is going on, and at the end of it all the final blow to the nation will be the release of the piss tape.

After having one president be accused of being a foreign national and the next a proven Russian asset who helped cripple the government people won’t even pretend to have faith in the country. America falls from within. The guns, poverty, and bigotry take over.

Trump flees to Russia.


This is quite similar to Mexico right now. Better and more obvious insight here when our President still recognizes Nicolás Maduro as the President of Venezuela because he along with some Russian ties helped to finance his campaing even with his failed attempts effectively starting in the year 2000.


Which is ironic because just yesterday Trump denounced Maduro and advocated for the new guy. Maduro was “kind” enough to expel every American diplomat afterwards. Which seems very Trump-like a move, petulant and childish.


The little birdy was the one who told Maduro to expell the diplomats. The Chávez birdy.


It doesn’t matter really if America ever used diplomats to get what they want the Venezuela would have had no need for their oppresive regime as a reaction to Operation Condor


I still can’t believe that Maduro thinks birds talk to him


It’s called economic imperialism

Only if they have Hamberders in Russia.

Seriously, I caution against (public) accusations on Trump in this regard, as the appearance of such accusations are noticed by the other side. And if you end up having no basis in fact, which one would not possess in this case, the right will take that and run with it and it will only discredit you. It’s not productive.

One must think of the effect one has on the entire population, not just their fanbase/followers/what have you


You should see his videos where he reads a tweet telling him to suck cock or the one where he says Jesus multiplied the penises.


I still think the absolute most embarrassing thing he’s ever done is when he was caught on camera taking food from under a table and eating it.


Never enough with him.


I don’t think i understand.

Everyone is already so far gone that as he said himself, he can shoot a man on 5th ave and not lose support. I think we are past the point of responsibility politics-folks have made their minds up what to believe.

I don’t see any reason to edit myself less I lose credibility in the eyes of people who only view credibility in terms of acceptability.

Besides I am deaf to your words in age of Obama birtherism, talking to me about credibility and my appearance to the other side with no evidence.

Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim? Trump is an active Russian agent. At least I have more proof for my claims.


Is anyone else watching this speech from Trump and wondering what the fuck this idiot is talking about? He does not know when to stop. He is the king of hyperbole. He has had to back down from his argument and has given in to the Democrats and is now trying to save face.


He is still going too. He just said that “America’s immigration laws are the world’s laughing stock”. Despite those laws, you know, being the fucking cornerstone of their national identity.


Time was, as a Brit, and liking to have a cheeky jab at our American friends, I’d have been all over Trump and his nonsense.

However, given the absolute fucking disgrace that our own government has proved itself to be recently, I think for once we might be on a pretty even keel.

Ok, no, Trump is still worse. But you get my point.


America needs to make an AI quantum-computer that takes the best elements of the best presidents and just let him (or her) do the thinking. Clearly no-one else in Washington is capable of it.


A Neanderthal would be a smarter president, not least because a Neanderthal would know that the wall is older than the fucking wheel


Well we can include some part of the Neanderthal’s thought process into the super-computer president. Perhaps self-preservation instincts, Trump seems to lack them as well


Look, I’m all for women’s rights. But allowing an abortion up to birth? Seriously? Why!? Again, I’m all for freedom of choice, especially if complications are present. But for real? An abortion at 9 freaking months??? The child is fully developed at that stage for Christ sake! Truly sickening


Can someone quote the law where I can see it really is legal up to 9 months? I cannot really believe it.


Yeah, no offence @Clover, but I wouldn’t exactly call “Christian Broadcasting Network” a reputable, balanced news source.