General News Thread 2.0


Load of shit and totally inaccurate.


Haha yeah I was trying to be super nice about it but you said it mate :joy:


Well according to that, it says up to birth (which is 9 months) I don’t know if that is for everyone or only in rare cases where the mother could die from complications. I just heard of this and this is the first thing I found on the subject so I’m definitely gonna do more research on the subject, I just wanted to share the first thing I saw about it @Quinn I seriously hope so because if this is legit that’s insane bro


What I’m saying is you don’t want to stoop to their level, ever. Ever ever ever. We’re not the cunts, they are. Let’s keep it that way.

Fighting fire with fire just spreads more fire.


Spoiler - It’s the latter


Can you please link a source? If that is the case then fine. I was under the impression anyone could do it up to birth, just because. I’m glad that’s not the case


Unless you’re literally fighting a fire, then setting another, controlled one can kill off the original if done right.


Who woulda thought :slight_smile:


Lol I suppose I should leave it to the experts :rofl:


Unfortunately, given Viktor is currently enjoying the protection of our good friend Putin in Russia, he won’t be able to serve his sentence. Yet.


I think being in Putin’s general vicinity is more than enough to qualify as a detention centre of some sort.


So New York, along with most states allow the termination of a healthy foetus up to 24 weeks into pregnancy. This new law means that if the foetus is unviable, or the mother’s life is at risk that it can be terminated at any point. This makes sense.

The far-right and the super religious seem to think the sanctity of life ends once birth takes place. Otherwise, you know, they’d be Democrats.


I had to ask my girlfriend this today. This is the standard, and at 6 months it means first two trimesters.



A level from Max Payne remade in Unreal Engine:


So Trump agreed to a deal (which is for all intents and purposes the same deal he rejected 3 weeks ago) and it contains zero funding for his shitty border wall. Haha. Loser.

Seriously. He shut down the US Government for a month for no fucking reason whatsoever. Just a little temper tantrum.


If I understand this correctly the Shutdown will be back soon though? Will this be a constant on/off now?


Indeed, it will restart 15 February. I’m guessing the dumbass thinks he can blame the “new” shutdown on the democrats, but i suspect that will backfire. Anybody with a brain knows that it’s the same shutdown, they just hit the pause button.


Yes, I eventually discovered this. As I said before, (at the time) I was not aware of that, which is why I was very disgusted. I was under the impression that anyone could do this “just because” I’m very happy to hear that is not the case. Thank you for providing the link.


I’d have been fine with it either way personally. But at least we got the facts straight.


So did Trump get America nuked and or nuke Russia yet?