General News Thread 2.0


No, but there’s always still time


I think we would know if that happened. But I think the chances of Trump nuking America on accident are much higher.



What is going on in Venezuela right now? Someone please inform me.

About the US gvmt shutdown: Trump folded like the little bitch that he is, it only extends the deadline but the reasoning is explicitly separating the border wall from gvmt funding so I expect it will easily be extended further, not like this fiasco. What a child.


The current dictator Nicolas Maduro is refusing to leave his position of power to the younger ruler Juan Guaido who was found to be rightfully elected in the election.


The world is really going to shit, isn’t it?


Well my country is mostly fine and yours has been on a downturn since at least Reagan.


All due respect, fuck you. That statement is inaccurate and you are in a far more fortunate situation being in an island in the middle of the ocean.


Are you messing with me, drunk or being serious? Because there are numerous flaws on US economic, social security and foreign policy that stretch back to Reagan.


This is irrelevant as the United States has been up and down, fluctuating a ton since the 1980s. US under Obama did better than under Carter, who predated Reagan.

Now I agree that Reagan is the downturn of the Republican party, but don’t make generalized statements about my country without merit or facts.


And you oughta know, I’m always drunk.


I will admit to making a generalisation but I still think there are somethings that can still be traced back to Reagan’s administration especially foreign policy (outside of Reagan’s efforts to end the Soviet Union). They are ultimately my opinion though.

All country’s have ups and downs even mine does in fact my country has had it worse than the US so don’t think for a second my far away rock is some utopia where babes, beer and beaches spring eternal.

You ever been Down Under before? I think you might just like it here.


This was the highlight of his foreign policy though (don’t think I’m a fan, he was a cunt)

Oh I don’t, every day I wake up worrying that accidental-kills98 got eaten by a spider.

No I haven’t, but I’d like to, as I’ve told you before. I have family in Melbourne, and man, am I a beach bum.


I would rather take him over Trump but I still would like it to be like the Watchmen universe where Robert Redford ran instead though.

Oh I share those same fears but luckily here in South Australia we have the small spiders. 30cm is small for a spider right? Does the States have spiders that ambush you like some of ours?


My friend, I would rather take an inanimate piece of turd over Trump.

Ambush? Are you joking? A serious question. The serious answer: no, we just get frightened at spiders there in the corner that aren’t 20 feet tall


No but I am exaggerating. Trapdoor spiders are average size spiders that burrow underground and ambush passing bugs. Like a punji pit for spiders.

With all those hamberders I think he IS an inanimate piece of shit.


I guess I’ll limit it to one of my turds. At least I’d prefer the smell.

Lol if I get the chance to be down under, you best expect me to hit you up.

Someone needs to kick your ass :slight_smile:

EDIT: thank you for the update on Venezuela


No sweat, the most major thing that recently happened was Australia supported Guairdo. Also Maduro decided to not evict the American ambassadors for now.

Was also a shame our Reagan debacle ended because I had come up with a lovely theory on partisan exceptionalism and how it affected both parties in the era but I really just said that to not keep it bottled up. I am not up to discussing politics in this thread or anywhere at the moment.


Politics can go suck a nut, can’t it?

Edit: now I am drunk


Oh so rational comments like the one above are drunk but the sweary ones those are the sober ones.:joy: