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Funny you say that, every day I hope today is the day he does get eaten by a spider :joy:. Ok sorry this is the news thread and I won’t derail it any further :yum:.



We’re in a fucked up time. Truly.


No shit.


People have been doing fucked up shit since there were people to do said shit. We just hear about it a lot more now through media, honestly human nature is pretty fucked up all together. I often wonder if we’d all just be fucking and killing whoever we want if there was no laws or democracy. I see it as we are all just animals with basic instincts which over time are hammered out of us by civilisation. We have the capacity for good and empathy etc obviously because we as humans made said laws etc. More often than not though people left unchecked are capable of terrible things.


Oh yeah for sure. Sometimes it just needs saying.


Is this a comment to Sean post? I’m first one who actually opened this article and there is described very good behavior of Polish patriots who condemn foreign lies about the camps.

There were no Polish death camps!


When I say Polish death camps, I am talking about ones that were physically in Poland. I don’t care about the ethnicity of a Nazi, they’re a Nazi either way.


People who don’t know history can assume that Poland took part in Holocaust through this. This is very arrogant and harmful behavior. Germany started war and that’s a country responsible for Holocaust.


Why does it feel like every other post here today is about something dreadful?


Except that some people did collaborate. If we’re going to talk about patriotism, the patriots are the people who refused to conform to Nazi rule. Those that collaborated got their punishment, and they absolutely deserved it. There’s no denying that some people collaborated, whether by force or willingly.


Poland was only country which had death penalty for helping Jews and still have the world’s highest count of individuals who have been recognized by Yad Vashem of Jerusalem as the Righteous Among the Nations. Also Polish Home Army assassinated prominent Nazi collaborators. All these people who risk their lifes for others suffers through such words. Even some Jews were collaborators and analogously let’s imagine calling these camps Jewish death camps. It sound’s terrible.


I know about the Home Army, and I know that people risked their lives every day to help Jews. I never denied that. I am saying that, if course, there was collaboration. I think that the Underground State and Home Army deserve more recognition than collaborators. So we will say, “Nazi death camps”. Because that’s what anyone who collaborated was.


First I have to say of course someone died it’s not a joke. I don’t take joy in police death.

With that out the way you know that’s not how it really went down. The cops out here are bored as shit. I only been out here a few years but the cops out here have a very causal I don’t give a fuck attitude about law enforcement. The police in the county are the ones that are bored in a divisive and destructive way. The city cops are bored in a ‘leave me alone’ way. That’s my observation after a couple of years here.

I can believe these cops are bored enough at 1 am to not be out in the street doing their jobs. What I cannot believe is that 2 males and 1 female cop met up at 1 am during their shift in which one of the men is not working just to play a death game sober. So these cops are so bored they with a sober mind decided to go to a off duty’s cop house and play Russian roulette.

I will tell you what is more believable. The off duty cop is the department drug dealer and they went to his place for some pick me up or whatever and while there go so out there mind they thought Russian Roulette was cool. The other male cop who I guess didn’t take as much drugs knew better but wasn’t able to stop them.

I also find it hard to believe that sex is not involved.

If the cops didn’t go to the man’s apt with the intent of playing that game, then why did they go over there at that time in the first place? Drugs.

Hendren and his partner were working a late shift Wednesday and attended roll call at their station along Sublette Avenue, a source said. Investigators believe that shortly after roll call, they went to Hendren’s house, a source told the Post-Dispatch.

The house is about two miles from the southeastern border of the district they were supposed to be patrolling. Under department policy, on-duty officers are required to remain in their assigned districts at all times.


Wasn’t read the whole post, just wanna say the russian roulette is the most silly way to play.
Of course if you don’t intend to make suicide. But suicide itself is a silly thing too



Ok, as much as I think Maduro is a scumbag, US military intervention in Venezuela would be a disaster. Not even 40 years ago Reagan was funding right-wing terrorists in the area to fight communism, and let’s not forget the invasion of Grenada.


But it has oil, so it really needs some imported freedom!


But Venezuela doesn’t have oil. That is why their country went down the liberty crapper. So how many ex-Syria troops are now fighting South America?