General News Thread 2.0


Huh I am quite sure it has. Venezuela having no real industry besides oil plus the oil price falling caused the economical decline. Well plus political descisions.


Who cares what the excuse is. Oil, Democracy or Latin Fever. They are just an excuse for Trump and the like to have another pointless martial conflict.


The whole western world has an issue in that regard. If not the whole world. If you take a look how many countries are involved in international conflicts as (supporters of) the aggressor, the list is often quite long.


I can’t help but feel that on those list Australia is just a little footnote on the corresponding page. I don’t think Federated Australian forces have ever started or finished a war. (If you bring up the Emu War so help you god…)


Australia is special, they first have to invent technology to reverse gravity before participating in a conflict.


Sigh can I have on conversation with a foreigner on this forum about my country without them bringing up some meme?


ʎɹɹos ɯ,I


No you are not. You are never sorry.:joy:


Ok new start, does Australia have any export industry that profits from conflicts? Germany has and that’s why we are quite up in that list.


No, not even the Trade War boosts our economy (what with China being our largest partner). As you know we don’t corner the market on guns, all our minerals and metals are mostly used for construction and energy then there is the fact that we relied on foreign automotive industries for production. As far as I am aware we are low on the war profiteers list.


That is good. We make weapons, malware, surveilance software, tanks, jets. We export steel and coal which is often used for military productions.
Who knows what will happen if people learn how low quality that stuff is.


Hmm lucky for us we build most of what we need for our army and buy it if we don’t. But I won’t lie China might be using a small amount of it for war purposes. Never tell the truth they do.


Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury at a photo shoot today, looking in insane shape but my other spot was that he looks like someone else we’re all familiar with on here lol?

Or Is it just me?


Bolton did that shit on purpose. It was a scare tactic. I don’t think America can politically afford to get involved in that.

Personally, I am a super American isolationist. Where is my universal health care? Where is my free education? Oh but I can afford to give Israel and Egypt Billions for war? I’m giving how much to Iran? Oh Russia needs a hand out too? I’m basically paying for Japanese and South Korean defense?

So I really hope American doesn’t go out and try and fix another nation. America thinks it’s cool to sit back and watch genocide any other time we are selective with our salvation. It’s not time to go play Jesus over some oil yet again. Can’t save em all they gotta figure out they own issues.

Saint Louis police just fucking up all over.
So they just roll up on a dude sitting in his car in a parking lot-even after the dude tries to go elsewhere and defuse whatever happened in the bar? All the while being off duty. Being a cop and having a gun must be like being high on Tony Montana cocaine all the time.

So they roll up on a dude like some gang members shoot him and now they have been charged but they aren’t in jail, they haven’t made bond, nobody is saying where they are at. They just out there.

I don’t see the point of anyone going to jail for murder. You got beef with someone. Join the local police force, you can drop them your first day on the street.


John Bolton is a fucking zealot. He really really needs to go.


Damn that guy was in a real hurry to kill someone, he couldn’t even wait a day?


I am bringing this up because of the reactions I am seeing to this video.

I won’t describe the video I’ll let you decide what you see.

My opinion is that the dude was wrong to strike those women like that and his last action should have been his first. At the same time I wonder about the crowd. There is no national good Samaritan law so those people don’t have to intervene but still…

Folks are saying that him attacking/defending against those women is equality I find that to be cynical and frankly mean spirited. Some people see a man attacking women some people see women attacking a man. I see a disconnected society afraid of each other.


Well the video doesn’t show the start of the altercation so I don’t know who hit who first. If the women attacked him then I think he should be able to defend himself. He clearly didn’t need to go as far as he did though and could have walked away much sooner. I don’t think he needed to use his fists, look at the size of him. I’m sure he could have pushed them away and removed himself from the situation.


One of those “Words have Failed me” posts.


The principal purpose of a good Samaritan law is to protect a person who attempts to render emergency care, in good faith, from civil liability. Minnesota’s good Samaritan law includes a duty to assist, which reads as follows:

§ Subdivision 1. Duty to assist. A person at the scene of an emergency who knows that another person is exposed to or has suffered grave physical harm shall, to the extent that the person can do so without danger or peril to self or others, give reasonable assistance to the exposed person. Reasonable assistance may include obtaining or attempting to obtain aid from law enforcement or medical personnel. A person who violates this subdivision is guilty of a petty misdemeanor. [Emphasis added.]

No good Samaritan law requires that a bystander intervene, physically, in a violent confrontation.