General News Thread 2.0


In a nutshell:


Change Mexico to red and the map information is 100% truth.


And the gray countries just don’t give a shit? lol What a silly world we’re in.

Pertaining to this issue, nobody should matter on this map except the people of the green country. That’s it.


Well those grey countries are (excluding India, Norway and New Zealand) incredibly poor countries with leaders that either don’t care, cannot afford to care or are not up to date enough to care.


Well you need to have a position who is the current leader if you have any kind of business with Venezuela. For example if you buy oil there, Maduro says you shall not and Guaido is okay with it, you would like to know if you are in trouble.


This is why I say what those “business partners’” opinion is shouldn’t (as in ideally) matter. They are biased and just do what they do because of what they want.

The west (or I should say western governments) does not give a fuck about the Venezuelan people, they give a fuck about their shale oil. Ulterior motive, and it’s worth noting.

@Accidental-kills98, yeah, I noticed that. I wonder why those richer countries haven’t taken a stance (except for Switzerland, they obviously want to remain neutral). I guess they really don’t give a shit. Or perhaps as @Urben’s comment suggests, they have no business ties.

I guess my meaning here is that the only thing that should decide an outcome is the Venezuelan people

Whether this can be realistically measured in the current state of the country is another thing.


Venezuela tried doing that: it is the whole reason we are here now. The people of Venezuela held a democratic election but the vote counters noticed that Maduro had the electoral roll be sabotaged in some way. Now Maduro is hold up in the presidential palace screaming into a pillow as most of the free world is deciding against him.

If Western Governments really wanted that oil they would not go through with supporting Guaido simply so they would not disrupt the balance.


This is Dictator 101, and why I said:

You’re being naive here, or maybe I’m uninformed, but a friendly relationship with the leader of a country posessing a resource you want is something to covet. Venezuela’s current relationship with all those blue countries isn’t so great under Maduro, is it (even prior to the election results)?


Excluding also Singapore, Iceland, and a few others


Yeah but those didn’t stick out to me those nations already have oil deposits or resource rich neighbours to import or mine from.


Honestly, I’m kind of surprised. Viktor Orbán’s vehemently anti-immigration policies are far more in-line with the far-right eurosceptics of Italy, Austria, and the like. I’ve never seen him as one to go pro-EU instead of joining his fellow far-right leaders.


That can be a big deal now in favour of the EPP to stay the majority again. I don’t know if I rather wanted to see a larger alt-right and smaller EPP so the S&D could be the largest one. But I am not optimistic they would do a good job either way.


He really has to make the worst choice whenever he’s offered one, doesn’t he? His favourite Beatle is probabaly Yoko


Hmm. No I would say he is a Pete Best guy. Both have the uncanny ability to make terrible career choices.



Oh yay with Putin pulling out of denuclearise treaties and this I now get to live through the Cold War and the Troubles again./s



Yes, run away little Theresa.


As much as it pains me to say this, I honestly have to agree with Russia on this issue. But, I also hate Vladimir Putin with a passion, and he has no right to condemn any military intervention in any country, given his war in Ukraine.


One important lession for me which lets me sleep well at night, is that having an opinion does not mean you are taking someone’s side.

I hope Venezuela finds progress in peace.