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Taken one at a time, each is an individual, a mixture of strengths and weaknesses, hope and despair. But collectively, they represent something greater than the sum of their parts… The challenge for leaders, in a changing world awash in an enormous population of international migrants, is to ease the fears of native-born populations while simultaneously maximizing the benefits of the pluralistic societies already taking root. Framing the challenge honestly is a good place to start.

I’d recommend reading the entire article, as it offers a very useful insight into today’s migrant situation. First and foremost, if there’s anything to take away from this, is that these people are individuals, not groups. Treating refugees collectively risks turning them into enemies, while (to paraphrase Tariq Ramadan) the enemies we should be concerned about are those who made them a refugee in the first place.


Honestly, both teams played like they didn’t want to be the ones to visit the White House.


Damn those Patriots. Tom Brady is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear!


For me, if a person (look, I’m saying “a person” not “a male” nor “a female”) decides to attack someone the he/she accepts their victims have right to defend themselves.

I’m unfortunaetly can’t watch that video for some reasons but my opinion is “first attacker is guilty”



They sayin on the internet he should be renamed Sir Savage the twenty first.

This was a good thing. Round up all these fake Americans and give them the boot. It’s like MIB who are the under cover aliens? I know alot of folks running around here fakin dey yankee.

Weird times in America you look to your left you look to your right one of ya’ll probably might not even really be an American.

In a more empathetic tone I can say I heard that Sir. Savage may be in a bad spot as he may not even qualify for British citizenship-putting him in a tragic situation. This may be a chance for Sir. Savage to become an advocate and clean his life up and turn it around.

and yet I wonder is it worth it… if you had to marry Amber Rose in order to stay in America and continue your fraudulent life as a young southern American Negro gangster rapper or stay single and be deported to England and face uncertainty and significantly less fame and fortune as the one time famous fake American rapper.

I think we all know what I would choose.


Honestly, I think this is a misunderstanding. 21 isn’t British lol.


Naw the British tabloids have claimed him it’s official.

Frankly they can’t deport him fast enough. The last thing we need in this country is a damned English national making songs about having shooters in red ready to gun us down.


Sorry if I’m hesitant to trust the Daily Mail.



It’s so distressing that the weapons ended up going to brutal authoritarians instead of… Saudi Arabia.


Only the US would think that the repressive pseudo-theocracy of the UAE and the warmongering lunatics of Saudi Arabia are “the right hands” for weapons to be in. Granted it is better than terrorists like Al Qeada and ISIL but still…


In all honesty, the Saudis aren’t much different from terrorrists


None one looks good in modern war period. “Diplomacy by other means” is just a sham isn’t it?


We have finally reached a state of true insanity


Well he has to win before we say things like “insanity!” Anyone with no political experience can become a favourite or even run in an election.


It’s not insanity

“Did i ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?
Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change.”


My definition of insanity is seeing that quote about the definition of insanity over and over and over again.


That world is fucked up already, have fun while there’s no WW3 or something similar. No need to kill yourself for bullshits.