General News Thread 2.0


The sad thing is Zelensky isn’t even the worst candidate. In fact, he’s one of the better candidates, up there with Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Just think about that. A fucking comedian is one of the five best choices for president.


Things really fucked up in Ukranie then?


Yes, but it’s definitely not as bad as Russia, where you can be murdered for daring to speak out against Putin, or, in a more humorous example, he will hire people to shit on your car.


“Paranoia is a disease unto itself, and may I add, the person standing next to you, may not be who they appear to be, so take precaution.”

The wisdom of Primus.



Dude I am gonna be counting the days until this all goes the way of The Bad Boy on this guy.


Goodness me that fellow looks like an absolute disgrace. He needs scrubbing with a wire brush.


I knew those things were too good to be true.

Yeah it’s cute to smoke weed discretely in front of everyone and no one can smell it.

I just knew something like this was bound to be a thing.


This is inaccurate


You can smell it?

I have been around those things plenty and other than a passive flavor smell it doesn’t have the distinct smell of marijuana that is universally known.


Yes. Marijuana pens emit a distinct smell, albeit a bit different than traditional skunky herb. When the pen uses wax this smell is more pronounced.

The difference, of course, is that the smell from vapor does not linger as smoke does.

I would hardly call it discreet


Then all I have is anecdotal evidence.

I been around the pens, used them, etc. Never smelled a thing but maybe a light fragrance.

I guess we have different perspectives. I would call the pens very discreet. So maybe the smell of me and peers is shot in some way but I don’t smell a thing, of course compared to burning weed but even compared to a light fragrance. Even when blow in my face.


I dunno, maybe your nose is shot, or maybe I’m a “super-smeller” (doubt that), but If I were on the bus/subway/street and someone behind me was using a pen, I would be able to tell if it were marijuana or just tobacco.

Anyway, it’s not important. Bummer for that guy, but I’d say its a rather isolated occurrence. Your phone exploding in your face is probably more likely.


That is, unless the pen is master-crafted



My mum uses e-cigs (as in regular ones, not weed) and I can confirm there is certainly a smell. Not as bad a a real cigarette, but it’s still a bad smell.



I will need to do further testing.
Something is wrong with me.


New information surfaces revealing that James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, may have been more like a real life version of HITMAN’s Jordan Cross with assassin work involved in the deaths of his wife as well as his own. The information also details Brown’s struggle with anger and aggression management which became a silent warning for anyone who wanted to associate with him and his circle.


How embarrassing…


Hardcore. If that was me, I would’ve tried to kick the mountain lion in the nuts and likely I would’ve failed miserably.