General News Thread 2.0


Now, if he immigrated at 7, he’s lived longer in America than Britain, and how can a 7 year old be expected to sort out his immigration details?


Embarrassing indeed, but her motive seems clear. Hardly unacceptable in today’s atmosphere of politics.

Though she will not win regardless of this


My head is still spinning from all that.

I don’t think I understand it all but I can believe that Brown was killed by the people closest to him as a form of control. I can easily see how two old school southern whites would work with ghetto blacks to control and manipulate a self destructive but lucrative and talented black musician. It is the perfect storm of greed, malice, and ignorance.

Never really cared for Brown or his music, before my time really and I like even less folks that don’t have self control. So it looks like Brown got what he dished out in the end. I can see the man was raised in violence and manipulation, he lived in and and died in it.

One thing that makes me uneasy about the pursuit of large sums of money is all the leaches that come out to share in your wealth. Your own family turns into dead weight as people stop working real jobs and just want to work money out of you. Leeches.

Yeah but he overstayed his visa when he came back. He had all this time to get is squared up. But instead he running around pretending to be a thug. So from 2005 on what was the deal? You sign a record deal but can’t get your immigration status worked out.

Sir Savage gotta go back home.


He actually applied for a visa in 2017



This is so true! And what people don’t understand is it happens in degrees. The James Brown story is an extreme case involving conspirators and the probable work of assassins.

Then you have stuff like EA Games where the pursuit of large sums of money via artistic talent changes people eventually and they may not murder or conspire, but their treatment of the public changes. Lots of people in positions to leech off the money and prestige without having the spirit that got them there even if they still punch the clock the attitude is the same as a leech.

Or you have John Lasseter whose corruption happened internally and basically had a James Brown Lite form of regime at Pixar.


Well, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. :joy:


I’m just wondering how you’d get an unborn-child’s consent to, well, be born…


Why you put the banana phone on the mother’s stomach and just wait for the unborn to give their seal of approval! Come on, nobody taught you this in science class?


He was of course arrested alive.
Seems like he is a security guard.


this is certainly not even a remotely comparable situation, but it’s not as silly as you might think. one of Frankenstein’s major themes is whether or not it was moral for Dr. Frankenstein to bring the creature into a world that had no place for him, I haven’t read any articles about this as I’m not really interested but the discussion brought this to mind. at the very least I think a discussion should be had between the parents about whether or not the world as it is now is a world they want their child to grow up in, but there’s really not much more they can do than that.


Never read Frankenstein, but that’s an interesting idea (for the book anyway)


If he was so distraught from living, he would’ve committed suicide years ago. To me this just says is that he’s not upset about being born but upset about not being born rich.


yeah I’m not big on 18th century fiction but as far as I know Frankenstein was massively ahead of its time. it really goes heavy on the theme of morality and the whole nature v nurture debate, although it can get dangerously close to the whole “society = bad” thing at times

oh plus Victor marries his adopted sister/cousin which is cool


Hopefully he dies


Probably one of the only things we agree on.

Theocracy is never good, especially not with a tosser like Bolsonaro at its helm


Wish we could say the same about America… :persevere:


Well unfortunately the far right wasn’t really routed in Europe, but it was slowed down as a mainstream political force for a little bit.


Oh no. I hope absolutely nothing violent and terrible happens to him I really really don’t hope he dies horrifically./s


Good news days.

First Jeff Bezos the victim:

Using a foreign government that already leeches and manipulates us at the highest levels is used to leverage “kompromat” against a perceived enemy of the President at the behest of close members of the president’s family. Allegedly. But I guess we will see.

All my peers feel sorry for Sir Savage-I’m the only one talking about “fuck savage” and “send his ass home” Jay can spend his money however-whatever but sayin. There are Americans sitting in jail for less… Sir Savage has the means to take care of himself-he will be aiight. It’s not like he’s from Afghanistan. He’ll be aiight in England.

I am shocked to see that the police lied and killed two old people for no damn reason. SHOCKED!

A navy Vet and his wife died defending their home from what I bet they thought was some gang, and really they weren’t wrong. They did find some marijuana and something they are calling maybe crushed cocaine. (see that slander either it’s coke or not why even say it) so I guess that means his death is justified.

found marijuana and a white powder — possibly cocaine or fentanyl —

I remember when the police Union for Houston came out playing the victim card talking about the police are going to go after anyone “stirring the pot” And come to find out the cops stirring they own pot shooting military veterans and their wives over marijuana and white powder that maybe was coke.

What a joke, my only regret is that only the old couple died. Maybe if their own drug fueled incompetence started costing them their own lives maybe they would take their jobs more seriously.