General News Thread 2.0


This is a shit mentality, he won’t be ok just because he’s from England.

Also, he’s lived in the US since 1999. He’s lived there longer than he has in England. He applied for a visa last year when he found out his last one expired.




Yes, this will help economic growth, good job Mr. Orbán


lebensborn 2: electric boogaloo



Growth and Economic Success under Capitalism - The creatives, technologists and developers get fired, the CEOs take home $27 million.

The games industry is disgusting but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.


If I ever take a step into this industry, I wont sell my heart for the wage when working in too big corps.


EA: Hold by beer… :japanese_ogre:


I hope IOI staff won’t kill their heartsfor money. I can’t take micro-transcation crap in Hitman Franchise.


Well never a fan of people being locked up for minor offenses. I see he is still in the country so I am guessing he will be able to work out this legal mess and not put himself and his family in this situation in the future. How gracious of the government I guess.

Hope he drops the accent

One could get a college degree on the topic of the political power of Israel. On the first day of the new senate during the shutdown even the Senate was trying to pass policy of Israel.

Why is it anti semetic to note with disgust that my nation bends over backwards because of foreign policy based on religion?


Shit, I used to notice my T’s slipping after spending 3 months stateside. If he’s been in the same city since age 12 i’d wager that how he speaks is his “real” accent.

It’s a real hot button topic over here too. Some of our politicians are constantly smeared as Anti Semites despite being lifelong anti-racism campaigners – I dread to think what the reaction to someone like Norman Finkelstein would be if they ever heard him speak.


It’s not, people are stupid.

Some seem incapable of separating Israel, a government, from Judaism, a religion.

Separate entities.


My cynicism leads me to believe that the people who use this line of attack know what they are doing.

I think they know people have genuine policy disagreements with Israel that have fuck all to do with their history/God/Ethnic whatever.

Crimes are crimes and people of faith do themselves a disservice by letting religion guide foreign policy. This support of Israel has little to do with our supposed support of “the only mid east democracy” and more with fanatical conservative Christians trying to create and maintain the state of Israel for the arrival of Jesus, forcing prophecy.

Stuff like this makes the atheists look like the most logical people to be running government.

They know it makes no sense to be doing what they do-so they have to make their opposition look even worse.


Governments should always be secular. Always always always.


I agree. I would not want to live under the rule of my own religion in state form.


Boy Israel and it’s politics are like a death topics in Germany because of obvious events in our past.



Antisemitism is the business of Jewish groups you fucking morons.


That’s like telling Stonewall to ignore the anti-LGBT campaigns in Chechnya, literally the reason why these organisations are created in the first place