General News Thread 2.0


As soon as I read “Florida” it all made sense


Well Florida is the first word in the headline and it only gets weirder from there.



6th Grader

…Go on.


OK what the fu

After dispute with teacher over the pledge of allegiance



Also as someone who comes from a country where National Pride is kind of socially embarrassing, the idea of schoolkids having to stand and recite a pledge of allegiance to a flag is utterly creepy and weird.


Last time people were this anti-Jew in France, we got Vichy.


Being a Brit has nothing to do with it. It should seem creepy and weird no matter where you come from.

To be arrested for abstaining is ludicrous though. Only in Florida…


As a Jewish man, I can no longer support the people behind the Yellow Vests. I appreciate them wanting change, but they can fuck off with the anti-Semitism


I feel a little bit like an asshole from switching from such a heavy topic but in art news the mariner from the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo V-J Day at Times Square passed away.


The creepy side to this story is that he just forced himself on her in the street without her consent. The photo is heavily romanticised now but they didn’t even know each other.


And I am pretty sure Mendonsa, his girlfriend and Greta were stated to have cared, I mean the dude could have died in the worst war in human history. In fact his girlfriend still wound up married to him and fathered children with him.


Are you a halfer?

I swear one of your selfies in the Gallery thread you are wearing a cross


Oh I just wear that because it looks nice, I find.


Has anyone told you that’s odd?

Because that’s odd.


I read that the same way as “Do you want ants? Because this is how you get ants” is said in Archer.


Well to be fair, there wasn’t a Star of David available at the jeweller. It’s not a common chain attachment


Star of David necklaces always make me think of Kitty Pryde from the X-Men.


I don’t want to argue as you are very friendly, but that is a false statement. Maybe things are different in Canada, but I’m from a Jewish neighborhood. Star of David chains are common as fuck


Well they are different here I guess (though many things are tbh). Not many Jews here.


In real life I think I know of one Jewish person, we were friends in high school he was a good guy.


This is crazy to me, every one of my childhood friends are Jewish or half-Jewish