General News Thread 2.0



How are the polls for Orban in the EU look like? I still think kicking him out will be a boost for the EU group he will join, and a loss for the EPP.

And I can’t say for sure that’d be a bad thing.


But who would take him if he’s kicked out?


The ENF I assume.


I could not find any approval ratings for Orbán, unfortunately, but I assume that either the majority of Hungary support him, or a lot of people just didn’t vote.


Both would result into him getting many of the possible seats.


Well, it’s not like Hungary has a good selection of political parties


Who can say that about his home-country anyway?


I am tired of super hero movies. Only reason I have seen anything is because my wife is a nerd. I hate super hero movies. I seen most of em I think, I hate them all and I am secretly resentful I have to watch these childish movies. I might as well be watching a porn or a zombie movie it’s just as brainless.

So I have only heard rumbles of why a certain demographic…well frankly white boys are so up in arms about this movie. Kinda reminds me of black panther. On the outside looking in it seems like white dudes don’t like movies that don’t star white dudes. I hate to be that simple but I don’t understand the fuss. It looks like she is a female superman or whatever, She flies, I assume she is super strong. What’s the big deal?

I remember way back when the cartoons had the black version of green lantern and dudes were upset. I mean I just can’t understand how someone over the age of 20 is so passionate about children’s stories. Worse of all to have grown men talking about “oppression” because marvel has one female lead out of the 20 or so films they already put out.

I am disgusted by the whole thing, whole genre. It’s sad to see old white men crying about a movie with a white woman in it. Why is this movie such a big deal?

Oh I see, so she said the movie isn’t for “White dudes”
Is that all? Isn’t she white herself? So does that mean the movie is anti white or that she is saying the super hero movie is for little (white) girls just how captain american/thor and all those other clowns are for little (white) boys.

ugh I just hate super hero crap. Neck beard beer belly dude bros arguing over 60 years stories.


Whoa whoa whoa whoa, don’t even compare the two. I’ve seen some porn recently that had me on the edge of my seat!

Yeah sorry other than that I don’t even have an opinion on this shit. I’m so checked out of Marvel movies.


Yeah that is (one of the reasons) why I stopped reading superhero comics.


Reducing the quality of your cancer treatment to own the libs

Brexit is such a colossally stupid idea.


I think Brie Larsen has clarified that she said that she noticed her press conferences and media days were dominated by white male reporters and that she wanted to ADD more diversity to it - to increase the number of reporter slots - and not to try and ban white male reporters.

But yeah, she could have phrased it better… or you know… just talk about the damn movie and not try and make a political statement.


Or dumb angry manbabies could have not intentionally tried to misunderstand her on purpose so they’ve got something to whine about. Probably that actually.


It’s also the climate she’s standing in. In Divisive Post-Trump America anything you say can and will be used by others however they want.

Personally I would have advised her to just “talk about the movie”. James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, and Rosa Salazar did the whole media tour about Alita Battle Angel and also mentioned the strength of women but managed to do it without any controversy.


If “Anything you say can be used by others however they want”, why bother censoring yourself anyway? To appease perpetually outraged manchildren? That really doesn’t seem like a good idea.

The only reason this was “Controversial” is because a woman wanted more diversity among reporters at press junkets. People who get offended by that are worth offending and don’t deserve to be tiptoed around.


I don’t mean to hijack the news thread, but this is a seriously narrow view to take. The subject matter of a film can’t somehow disqualify it from having complexity above a certain level. Anyone who thinks so is themselves childish. There are a wealth of superhero films with strong writing and directing, acting, cinematography, music, production design etc. Basically all of the categories that we use to judge quality. I’d say these movies fit that description:

  • The Dark Knight trilogy
  • Spider-Man trilogy (Sam Raimi)
  • Logan
  • Unbreakable
  • V for Vendetta

And dare I say it:

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • The Incredibles
  • Iron Man (1)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Man of Steel


I don’t think the problem is superhero movies per se, but rather the insistence on having a “shared universe” for them - Which means all of the films feel tonally, visually and aesthetically similar. The fact there’s so many exceptional people doing exceptional things makes the stakes feel incredibly low to the point where they have to introduce an antagonist who can literally destroy the entire universe. The same characters appearing in every movie doesn’t help shift that feeling, and thus watching the Marvel movies is like watching a really expensive network TV show.


If I was a Marvel Executive I’d point out that she was supposed to be selling the movie and not trying to pick ANY fights even if they were with people “worth offending”.

There was nobody on the attack when the thing started.

I would have insisted that she does not open fire unless fired upon… which is of course what happened later… In which case I’d stand up for her too and we’d make the best of it.

But she was supposed to be selling the movie…


yes there was? people have been rattling about captain marvel being a “mary sue” ever since the movie was announced, calling it “SJW” that it was a woman they called to defeat thanos. these people like to be offended, brie larson couldn’t have just kept her mouth shut because they would just be outraged at something else otherwise.

is she not allowed to say that she wants captain marvel to be a character that young girls can see themselves in? is that too “political”? because that’s too SJW for these people as well.

and she did, really well. ticket presales were the 3rd highest for any mcu movie i think. just because she’s outraged some angry nerds doesn’t mean shit for the movie’s success, in fact I’m more interested to see it now