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you couldn’t have misunderstood the point more if you tried (which you probably did). she’s not saying it isn’t for white men, she’s saying it’s not MADE for them, as in it’s the first MCU film targeted at women and young girls. are your feefees hurt because 1 out of however many MCU movies isn’t pandering specifically to you?


Look, I don’t care their target at all. If a film interesting for me then I’ll watch and I’m not gonna ask you or someone else “Can I watch? Are they MADE this film for me?”. That’s why I’m offended.

Also, I have right to say which stuff offends me. If you can’t respect others ideas then either don’t answer or create your own forum which only allowing your thoughts.


You haven’t so much taken leave of your senses, as you have stuffed them into a rocket and fired them into the centre of the sun.


I don’t understand what you mean, sorry. Also, I don’t get it why you liked it.


Why are you offended?

Why the fuck is everyone so offended all the time these days?


Why can’t I get tampons in MANSIZE though? :angry:


I offend when someone thinks they could decide someone else’s thoughts. Let people do their own decisions damnit.

She could say “I’m not thinking white dudes will like it” instead of “this film is not MADE for you”.


My god it is a fucking superhero movie!!! It is not a fucking thinkpiece. Who the fuck cares what Brie Larson said? Separate the art from the artist!

Was that unduly harsh?


This was not said.

You read @Speaker’s comment on this. You did not solicit any information.

No one here is trying to decide your thoughts.

If you have an issue with someone else’s thoughts, or quotes, that opens the floor for debate. No point in retreating and claiming ‘offense’. Address what you take issue with using facts and eradicate what you deem ignorant.

If you can’t do that, don’t just sit there with your hands on your hips claiming to take offense. Unproductive, that is.


Do you not understand the concept of a target audience?


Again if I was in a Marvel boardroom… my exact quote right there… :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s not always about backing out of principles… Sometimes you can see the mess a mile away and it’s just better to ‘stick to the business at hand’… I can appreciate maybe some on the team want their say about this matter or that matter but I’d remind them that… “we can insert it somewhere in the film but the film must stand on its own come promotion time.”



Dunno I enjoy superhero films but ofc they are kinda silly.

While I get the directors want to add some diversity into it, I gotta ask:

Didn’t Black Panther extremly fail at this task? They all live in Sci-fi huts, fight as a sci-fi tribe and are kinda racist towards outsiders. I mean I am okay with this fictional idea of a black dictatorship colony, but did they intend that really?


*Goes into tornado shelter


Also… while we’re talking about BLACK PANTHER, am I the only one who noticed that T’Chala basically used a form of decision making that is basically a carbon copy of non-black heroes from times before? That moderate Status Quo-protecting position used by Superman, Batman, etc.


Well I don’t care what a film is about so long as what it teaches harms no one negatively and is made well. It can be as political as it wants to be and so can the cast again within reason.


I just don’t care their “target audience”, If I like it then I’ll watch. Also there’s more polite ways to saying their “target audience”.


Nobody is stopping you, but that doesn’t change the fact that is still wasn’t developed with your gender/ethnicity in mind. And that’s fine.

What? Why does there need to be? There’s nothing wrong with it… It’s a perfectly viable term. Can you call that rocket back please? Crikey!


You know what’s curious… we went through countless Milla Jovovich action pictures without this kind of problem and Alita Battle Angel did not have this problem.

I honestly don’t know if this is Marvel’s fault or it’s their ultra high profile or… but it’s a dark fog that I wouldn’t have wanted any part of if it was my job to sell the movie.

I just want to sell the movie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah upside of this is a lot of good shit is being said about Alita :grin: