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Not really - Afrofuturism is massively unrepresented in fiction and while Wakanda’s government is flawed, the movie addresses the flaw in a way that comments on it across humanity in general and did showcase a wide variety of actual cultures within Africa all within in one movie.

As well as being a unique power fantasy for black people around the world, it’s also an approach that hasn’t really been represented in mainstream media. Especially not in action movies.

Why so eager to say it failed?


It is simple my friend… Superhero comic fans are whiny petulant nerds.


Personally I think my first Black Power Fantasy was COMING TO AMERICA.

By the way… it’s getting a sequel…

Also… remember when it wasn’t a big deal that an African King’s motorcade was made up of white guys serving and protecting a black king?

I miss those days.


Why? Does Eddie Murphy need to renovate his mansion? Does he need a new size fatsuit?


My legit beef with superhero movies is the budget they steal away from studios that have otherwise spent money on films in the past that were of much higher quality (or at least of more diverse genres).

Here’s a few:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Saving Private Ryan
Die Hard
Indiana Jones

etc etc etc

They’re a fucking plague


Why is (this) Afrofuturism so much referring to African tribes and monarchy? I mean White-futurism isn’t based on nordic tribes and germanic paganism either.
It feels like Wakanda is not based on afro culture but afro stereotype culture. Futurism is for also progressive, where issues and problems of the presence got rid with. Here, it seems they took the tribal culture and wrapped scifi around it.

Marvel and similar movies

But I mean have you seen Genysis, A Good Day To Die Hard, Armageddon or Crystal Skull? They are all just a waste of money and some of them are getting sequels or reboots.


Yes, It was really difficult for me to figure out how to sort theater movies from a specific period by budget on imdb. Database, my ass

So this is what I got from some stupid pre loaded list. There are sooooooo many more. Particularly from the 90s


The 90’s really killed the action movie. And they predate the superhero plague.


I would argue that “killed” is not appropriate. The 90’s certainly saw an evolution for action movies but there are some very fine examples indeed of excellent action films from the 90’s.


I was being hyperbolic.:grinning:


None of this matters, the parameters needed are high budget, high quality films from the 90s. Thank you


80s action movies are really nice for my taste, but I must say superhero movies of that time or older always looked like low-budget. Maybe they were?


They wereto my knowledge


But superhero movies are not poor quality or low budgeted at all. The problem is their uniformity and their focus on maximising profit.


This is where we go to war


I didn’t say they were good either. Superhero movies are AVERAGE and that to me is the worst thing you can be from a movie perspective. Average and uniform is what draws in the punters and make the money.


You want civil war, bruh? :joy:


I guess I walked into that one.


No that film was bleh and I hated the storyline in the comics