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Haven’t seen it. In terms of the chronology, I’m still at Guardians 1. Got a LOT of catching up to do.


Neither have I. I assumed Civil War was just as aggressively meh as every other Marvel movie. The last time I enjoyed a superhero movie was Spider-Verse and before that The Dark Knight and before that Spider-Man 2.


Well it’s a cycle. The last superhero film will be the one nobody watches. Also I don’t understand how superhero films stole money meant for GLADIATOR.


They didn’t, but they would if Gladiator were proposed to be made today.

The studio would say: We don’t have money for that. We’re working on Aquaman 2 and Avengers 15 and Wakanda: Blaxploitation 3



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@Agent.Smith Well there was a time that people made all those other films and the only guy who wanted to make any Marvel superhero films was Roger Corman.

It’s a cycle. This is their time. I honestly didn’t like AVENGERS and most superhero films. But I can appreciate that this is their time. And it’s also really great the impact this has had on Visual and Special Effects and art industries.

It’s all good even if I don’t like all of these films.


but by the end Killmonger convinces them to open their doors to outsiders and contribute to people in need, especially struggling black people. they’re not the same people at the end as they are at the start, they grow and learn that they should use their stuff for good.

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As much as I would love to see you all argue about a pointless disposable superhero movie. I have decided to instead post an article of the InSight lander as it now temporarily measures the heat on Mars


Wow that sucks. Almost as bad as the russian rover that reached Mars, survived the landing, and tipped over.


Well it won’t all be in vain. NASA are going to go over moving it or a work-around. In the meantime they will take other measurements. Either way we know a little bit more about the Red Planet


I have to - some context:

There were some little nudges of angry idiots before, but it was pushed over the edge with the Marie Claire interview, where she was answering the question given by the reporter - who was a black woman with cerebral palsy - on why Brie requested her to do the interview. It wasn’t some statement out of the blue. She was being asked, so she answered. And it was Marie Claire, for crying out loud. Of course they won’t be talking just about the movie.

Did anyone actually read the interview this whole thing started from? Or did they only read the headlines about it? Because it’s a normal boring interview for a chick magazine, there is nothing controversial in it, just nothing. Unless you willingly put things out of context and twist it.

If this managed to send the idiots into turmoil? “Just talk about the movie” would not work anyway, Brie would have to stay silent completely, bc they would find another thing to put out of context, they actively sought to do so.


No, nobody arguing has seen the interview in full. Which is sad and distressing. You should as informed as possible before making any argument.



idk if this fits here, but @Sven_IOI is leaving IO :< he did great things during his time at IO, i hope he will be well


Really? Shit… That is a shame Sven looks came across as a cool dude when he appeared. I wish him nothing but the best.



The creator compared the “Rape Day” to best-selling games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Hitman” that glorify violence, stating that most people would not be influenced by its depictions of sexual assault. The “Rape Day” site includes a page linking to multiple studies that deny a link between video-game violence and real-life crimes.

Steam is back at it again. If the AAA publishers don’t cause the games crash Steam is up to the task.

Click bait title and shock value aside I think it is pretty shameful that steam lets all these low quality products on their platform. It’s like they are turning games into memes, but in a bad way. It’s just a simple political statement, are you shocked? Thanks for the $10.00. (And it always seems like the porn games are the ones made in three weeks by a single dude who used one hand the entire time)

I know people use the excuse that it’s not real or that it’s just pixels but I think games are like books in that they can inspire and instruct people to act out things they wouldn’t otherwise. I’m not saying video games cause people to be violent but video games for sure validate violence and other behaviors.

I just don’t see how a game about going around raping women and kids with the option to kill them is art that is worth defending and monetizing.

It seems free speech is code word for acting out and not being called on it.


I am pretty sure alot of studies even indicated that this is not the case as well.

It is both. Acting out AND being called on it.