General News Thread 2.0


I didn’t say you did. Sorry if you thought i did. It was a question not a statement.


They do not. They also did not specify raped (as you did) , they said sexually abused which can cover a wide variety harms.

You should invest some time in reading what the fact checkers actually said and what DWB actually said rather than try to reinvent it.


Ok sexually assaulted there. Also the fact checkers said it was accurate oh no sorry “Partially” accurate. So he was right and they had to down play the reality. Here they literally state it themselves. “31 percent of women surveyed had been sexually abused during the journey.” Direct quote from their own site.


But they didn’t interview every person making the journey, that would be impossible, and he never clarified that it was only a small group of migrants interviewed, so either he:

A. Lied.

Or B. Doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.


And had you read the fact checking you would know that review found that was a survey of a small group who had deliberately sought assistance, hence why they were seeing Doctors Without Borders.

Donald using it as a claim regarding all women who undertake the journey is akin to if I claimed that most people who disagree with me about Hitman are alt-right and 3nd up banned, based on a week where a bunch got angry at me and tried to pick fights with me in every thread.

That actually happened but that was one week and doesn’t reflect on the people who don’t pick fights with me.

Likewise DWB’s stats do not reflect the people who do not come to them for help. It’s simple.


This one’s really bad.

The only reason to stop publishing how many people are killed by US drone strikes is because

  1. You want to get away with killing more people using drones
  2. You want to face less criticism for doing so

Over 90% of people killed by drone strikes are not the intended targets as it is. This just means less transparency and less accountability.


Second most important news of today, after Tim Apple of course


In other news, @BernardoOne 's “Explosive One in a Million Sewer Dunk Shot” in Whittleton Creek made it to Kotaku’s Highlight reel!


Ugh. Having an unfavourable view of Israel based on its policies does not equate to anti-Semitism, if you think it does you are not correct at all.


Concepts like rights or “common good” are part of a set of human conventions that were formalized and made real because they are required for organized social behavior.

So they are real in the sense that they represent Values that allow for real and sustainable results. The alternative - where people just trample on each other with no regard to anything - is closer to something in chaos that is unstable.

That which does not last is regarded as false as it falls out to misuse and is discarded. For example, the countless tyrants who violated human rights and eventually see their reigns (and occasionally their lives) ended… Those Values their systems espoused become categorized as false or misleading… and the opposite Values become true and codified… becoming real.


This makes me furious. She’s suffered enough for fucks sake. Let her go.


I knew people who wanted to go back home because things were “better under Yeltsin”. Now look where we are. I’d say they were too easy on Stalin


2019 United States summarized in a headline:

The bigotry of low expectations.

oh and blue lives matter. Throw the book at this kid for this vile anti police hate crime.


Police isn’t a race.


I don’t think that’s what that slogan implies


Regardless of what it implies, it’s a dickish response to a prevalent issue in the United States currently.



BBC News - Shamima Begum: IS teenager’s baby son has died, SDF confirms

I’ll criticise the British Government all day over Brexit, but the idea that this child’s death is in any way down to them is ludicrous. That child is dead because of its mother.


I think there’s a pretty good argument to be made that the death is due not to the British Government, but rather the general developed world politics that creates scenarios where there are these kinds of camps where a baby dies of pneumonia due to lack of resources and lack of care.

Also I think it’s kind of harsh to expect a teenager to make all the right life choices and anticipate all the possibilities that lead to their child dying. The main reason this is making the news is as the article mentions, the timing of the baby’s birth means they were technically an innocent British citizen who died overseas - if she has another baby that dies as well, then it will probably go unnoticed much like the other children who die in the region.


True, but getting pregnant 3 times in that place, and having all of them die… How many chances does she need before she figures it out? She’s in a hell-hole, but that didn’t stop her having kids and exposing them to that same hell.