General News Thread 2.0


It’s kind of difficult to say without having the complete picture, and there’s plenty of women in developed countries with all the access to medical magic that you could want have multiple children who are stillborn or die in infancy. Sometimes people are just born with fatally defective parts due to bad luck.


We’ve gone from “thoughts and prayers” to “have an autograph”, which, in case you didn’t know, don’t rebuild people’s fucking houses. The man whose job it is to look after his citizens is doing nothing.


Trump signing bibles is the most hilarious act of Hubris I’ve heard all week. Does he think he’s the main character in it?

It’d be like me signing someone’s Lady Gaga album. I’m not on it, so what’s the point?


I truly don’t understand why people think that Trump is a Christian or even believes in God. He is not and he does not. He can’t. The man is a pathological narcissist. A person who is that high on themselves, a person who holds themselves in that much regard and worships their own image cannot worship a higher power. It doesn’t work that way. One cannot have the humility required to believe in a god, especially the Christian God, and build monuments to themselves. And yet Christians in this country are holding him up as some kind of champion or beacon of the faith, and anyone who understands the concept of faith should know that Trump absolutely has none. Not for anything outside himself or his pockets or his bank account! Those Bible signings are an attempt to boost that image, and it’s so blatant an act that I can’t believe a child would fall for it.


Of yeah of course. Like you say, we don’t have the complete picture. Personally though, if blame is going to be assigned, then the mother, in this case, would be where it lies.


If I send you a Lady GaGa album, will you sign it for me? :joy:


He probably thinks it’s a fucking autobiography by Jesus


He probably talks about the ending on purpose to try to spoil it for people.



“Oh, I read that! Did you know the guy comes back at the end?”


These once-righteous protests have devolved to a bunch of uncivilized fucks screaming like monkeys and destroying property, with a touch of anti-Semitism. These are your Gilets Jaunes


In other words: business as usual on planet Earth.


Well not all who protest in France have lose their way. Here is a brief and somewhat old article on climate change protests in France.


Given the non partisan appeal of the Yellow Vests it seems there was always gonna be an ideological battle for it. Looks like the extreme right won.

Better times:




You don’t suffer for simply testifying. All Chelsea had to do was speak in court. How is that suffering?


This is completely false, many times people can suffer immensely for testifying


So if i say “if you think it isn’t antisemitism then you are not correct at all” does that make me right and you are the one that’s wrong? Oh right no it doesn’t your opinion does not dictate fact.


As far I heard it Chelsea is a very unstable person. I am not sure if she can be seen as meaningful in the court tbh.


You don’t have to be. That is for the jury to decide. All they asked was for the information Chelsea already gave before.