General News Thread 2.0


I would agree with that if this is just about being meaningful. If it possible that it is a huge stress factor for her to snap, then it might be more wise to offer her the testimony being done via recordings.


Disliking Israel and bing an anti-Semite don’t go hand in hand. I dislike Russia, does that make me hate Russians? No, of course not. Some people both dislike Israel and are anti-Semitic, but I don’t see that as the case here.


She refused to testimony. Which is why she was arrested.


And i would agree. But many would also disagree for possibly good reasons. So either way one’s opinion does not simlpy dictate facts.


The difference is that what he is saying is a fact, not an opinion. Disliking Israel doesn’t go hand in hand with anti-Semitism. That’s a fact.


How do you go from “completely false” to “many times” if it was completely false then it would be all the time not “many times”. Do you mean that they could relive traumatic memories or the jailing for not testifying.


Just like disliking ISIS doesn’t make you an islamophobe


She already testified so what would she be suffering from if she testified again?


I don’t like milk oh shit guess that makes me a vegan :frowning:


She is already mentally unstable apparently, as others have already said.


That is not suffering caused by testifying and that does not indictate that she would suffer anymore if she testified. I’m not saying she wouldn’t be but how do you think she might suffer from testifying.


Because she is being compelled to testify before a sealed Grand Jury about a journalistic outlet for which she is a source. She already testified during her trial, what she is being asked to do now is immoral and she has been jailed for refusing.

She’s already suffered enough and sending her to jail over this is just callous.


For the HMF members who are a bit confused about the whole Brexit thing, if you want a good, simple and short breakdown on Brexit, CGP Grey just uploaded 2 videos that pretty much cover the core problems right now.



Not only am I surprised that Fox News actually has at least 0.1% decency left, but that this dumb bitch mentions the US constitution, which, if I’m recalling correctly, guarantees freedom of religion, and if I’m correct a second time, that’s the only mention of religion in the constitution.



Did you guys see Reddit post about MIT report that says by 2070 very high number of people will die yearly due to heat and it’s side effects. That sounds scary af.


Link? As far I heard it the direct effects of global warming to the human body are not bad.


I would assume this is in countries that are already quite hot. I remember parts of Portugal getting insanely hot last summer. With 50 years of warming…


This is a relatively unimportant news story, but the fact that he is still trying to claim he didn’t accidentally call Tim Cook “Tim Apple” is hilarious, he is such a narcissist.

By the way, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Tim Cook is one letter shorter than Tim Apple, so no time was saved.