General News Thread 2.0


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I am warning you. Ddon’t read the comments and stay ignorant.


A surprisingly large amount of the tech industry supports all kinds of Trump adjacent action, largely because it allows them to continue the narrative of their wealth (or prospective wealth) being due to their being special and hence the world is a meritocracy.

Particularly since America has an odd culture of assuming anyone with money must be inherently superior and not just a rich kid turned con artist.


The weirdest Americans are the less well off ones who, despite having not much money or opportunity, still defend staggering wealth inequality and don’t support increased taxation of the rich - because they see themselves as rich people temporarily deprived of their wealth.

The pursuit of happiness indeed, heh.



Finally something is being done against these fucking idiots


Did you know?
Today is the day!


Just got in and saw the latest news on Brexit.

Je. Sus. Christ. That no-deal Brexit emergency supply run is getting closer and closer.


Tomorrow there will be an open vote on whether or not MPs support leaving without a deal.

I don’t think no deal Brexit has enough support among MPs to win a vote like this, but we’ll see soon enough.



I don’t like so much idea of banning children from school. But sometimes extreme measures must be taken for superior causes. The funny thing is that this extreme decisions are taken by Five Star Movement, the party where of a lot of idiots made a strong campaign against vaccines. They have grown up a monster and now are trying to fight it


I feel like everyone in the Five Star Movement has a different ideology every day.



Apparently only 17% of Americans can actually correctly define socialism. Honestly not surprised, considering 6% literally define it as “being social”.


Socialism’s just Diet Communism, right?


Neither I am surprised, when “liberal” is seen as an equivalent of “socialism”.


People get really confused when I say I’m not a Liberal :smiley:


Other then a major twat, what are you then Quinn?



2 teenagers killed a bunch of children at a elementary school in Brazil.

Edit: Schools seem to be suffering lots of nasty disgraces today.