General News Thread 2.0


I think I may have socialism anxiety :disappointed_relieved:



^ Actually embarrassing…


Affirmative Action strikes again, every which way you turn it’s like someone is trying to make it harder for white kids to get into school.

A multi university scandal in which parents were paying more than $10,000 for their kids to get high test scores, reaches national attention. One parent even got their kids score up 400 points.

See, all this money based merit crap just makes it easier for unqualified Whites to take the seats of a over qualified Asian

In other news this is what happens when you jump 330 points, without the bribe.

We have got to stop the discrimination, of lower income white males


Yeah, whites are discriminated against…by other white people. The Jews, white left-wing people, white social democrats. And don’t forget white Muslims of course. They aren’t the “right white”


Communism is on the far left though, no?


There’s nothing left wing about Liberalism


That depends who you ask, and how you define it. I’m not referring to so called “classic liberalism”


Well of course if you ask some Trumpist in the United States, they’ll say that “liberals” are going to destroy America because they’re all socialists and communists who want to make everyone eat rats like in Venezuela. That’s because they are fucking idiots.

But no, there’s nothing particularly “left wing” about Liberalism because liberals generally favour the same broken institutions that Conservatives do, they just hate gay people, minorities and women a little bit less. At the end of the day they are all capitalists and don’t want to do anything radical to change systems that don’t work.


They’re still on the left of the political spectrum and I’ve always seen “liberal” and “left” as synonymous.

Before you go off, I think “liberal” has a different meaning in the UK than it does here stateside.


I’d say American Liberals like Obama are centre right. There’s nothing “left wing” about him, or Hilary Clinton, or any other establishment Democrat.

Ok - But i’m telling you that is fundamentally wrong.

I think it has broadly the same meaning.


How’s the weather in Rand McNally?


Dunno where that is, lel


So I guess it depends on where you consider the “fulcrum”, so to speak, is. Care to define that?


I dunno what you are asking, sorry


Where on the political spectrum does “right” change to “left”


That’s far too nebulous a question for me to answer alone


I’m not sure ‘nebulous’ is the word I’d use, but it is a debatable item to be sure, and not one to be taken lightly. More heads is definitely advisable in determining this.

However, this is what I think divides us here: our definition of when left wing becomes right wing.

It’s all semantics really


I’ve never liked the left-right spectrum because it ties one down to pretty toxic partisan thinking that I don’t consider productive. Add to that you’ve got the ongoing debates over what “centrism” actually means.

Also, the use of the word “liberal” in the US is rather interesting to me, given in Australia we use it to describe our centre-right party and it’s ideology. Which is the more accurate descriptor Quinn alluded to.


Well there is the Overton Window, which skews further to the right at the moment in the USA largely thanks to Trump’s demagoguery. But America also doesn’t have a mainstream political party that has truly left wing policies, and only a handful of elected representatives are prepared to push issues that defy the status quo - Bernie Sanders and AOC are on the right track. You need several hundred more elected representatives like that to form their own caucus really.

I don’t think the Obama Administration - Which presided over several wars, foreign interventions, drone strikes in foreign nations far from any battlefield against their own citizens, the expansion of the surveillance state and NSA powers, etc, all the while favouring the Status Quo and refusing to tackle big business, corruption, campaign finance violations, etc - I don’t think you can call that a left wing party.

At the end of the day Obama did all of those things and left the keys in the ignition for a Cryptofascist like Trump. Imagine if he’d actually made some radical changes - Closed Guantanamo, reduced the surveillance state, America’s imperialism and tackled corruption.