General News Thread 2.0


This is inaccurate, the window has been leaning right since Reagan in '80 or arguably Nixon after LBJ pushed through civil rights.

Bernie. As you later say. You’re right, there aren’t enough of him or AOC to make their own party, so they are trying to sell social democracy under the Democrat label, which, to me, seems doomed to fail as it was in 2016.

You won’t find me defending Obama… I think he may be the most overrated president ever. Especially now that cheeto-dust face tan has followed him.


Yes it has, but Trump gave it a violent jerk towards the far right especially. At the very least, Reagan could openly condemn racism. Trump refused to condemn actual Neo Nazis and chose to blame “both sides” at Charlottesville for the violence - Even though only one “side” was running over protestors and came prepared to commit violence. He couldn’t even read a prepared statement that clearly was not written by him without adding “on many sides”.

This sort of rhetoric galvanizes groups like the KKK, the Neo Nazis, and so on. At the very least, Reagan didn’t do that - Even if he did do a whole load of comparably horrible shit with regards to policymaking. US Presidents are supposed to keep racist extremists out of the debate, Trump invited them in.


As did Nixon

Look, I’m not gonna defend Trump in any way ever, he’s definitely escalated things.

Just be glad you don’t live here, and even further as a non-white.


I spent a lot of time stateside and even had plans to move there at one point - That fell through though and I suppose that’s a good thing in the end.

That’s why i’m so invested in US politics I guess. That, and because it affects the entire world.


True that. Nothing to argue there lol. Just watched miniseries John Adams… We’ve fallen very far



You ask them to whip it out

That’s how


yeah ok


Christchurch situation is pretty intense, it’s far from me but people here are shaken up.

One or more shooters are still on the run (last update I got) and police are urging all muslims in New Zealand to forgo visiting mosques until further notice out of concern there may be other attacks.


Honestly can’t believe this has happened in NZ. I’m about 1km from the mosque. Absolutely tragic. All my uni mates are in lockdown. 4 people in custody.


I’m reading some truly horrific things about this shooting. Apparently the shooters livestreamed their killing sprees and were spouting memes and white supremacist rhetoric the entire time.

I feel sick to my stomach, jesus christ


The unconfirmed speculation at this point is that the shooter who streamed to Facebook also posted a manifesto on 8chan of all places, which included plenty of chan memes and “irony” - sadly the NZ news has been leaning into it and reading from it etc


Absolutely tragic to hear the news out of Christchurch. It’s almost unthinkable violence like this can strike such a peaceful place, one which is still recovering from another tragedy, albeit a natural one.

Apparently more than one person was involved, with one shooter carrying out the attack. We’re still learning the details. They even live-streamed their rampage, after posting a vile manifesto attempting to justify their mass-murder. There’s no doubt this was a politically motivated attack against the Muslim community.

So now more than ever, it’s important to stand alongside the victims, their families, and friends in condemning this as an act of terror.


In other news


This is a statement issued by an actual Senator from Australia.

What a scumbag.


“Islam is the religious equivalent of fascism” he knows nothing about Islam and honestly I’m questioning how he got this position, because he doesn’t sound like the man that would know that many things at all.


49 now dead. This is incomprehensible.


Apparently the city of Melbourne is going to light up in the colours of New Zealand to honour the dead, but uhhhh…yeah, it’s a bit confusing when you have this:


Someone has been charged and one suspect is from Australia


Absolutely horrific news from NZ. @Watson Those comments from that Senator are appalling. Nothing justifies this attack on men, women and children. These people were not committing some act of violence, there is no proof that they were militants. They were attending afternoon prayer.