General News Thread 2.0


Firstly, the USA spends $600 billion a year on military spending. There’s perhaps… 15,000 transgender people currently enlisted. That’s out of 1.2 million servicepeople. A tiny fraction. As I said earlier, banning transgender people from joining the military “to save money” is the equivalent of deleting .txt files from your 20tb hard drive to free up space. A complete miscalculation. Obviously that isn’t the real issue.

Besides, what about people who join the military so they can get a College scholarship? Why is that not considered worse? Here’s the real issue as I see it - The commodification of both healthcare and education leading to people feeling like they have to join the military to receive benefits that should, in all honesty, be rights. The USA offers the wrong kind of benefits to military personnel. Yes, they might get a college scholarship - But what happens to them when they return from service with PTSD and severe mental health problems? Nothing. There’s no help. They end up homeless, divorced, addicted to drugs/alcohol, etc.

There’s some serious shit that needs to be sorted out and banning transgender people from the military won’t do jack shit besides continue to otherize, demionize and exclude them.


You mean medically necessary treatment? Like every other single soldier is entitled to? Like you do know that the military is supposed to provide the healthcare, yes? And not only the cost is barely anything (it doesn’t even cover the cost of a fucking tank), the military spends more on fucking VIAGRA. Not only that, the healthcare on the military also covers cosmetic surgery as well (even breast augmentation/reduction)


Let’s ban impotent men from serving in the military too, then.

Actually, let’s not - Because cost isn’t the real issue and everyone with half a brain knows it.


Sooooo… a pirate ship?


It’s really weird how some Americans see healthcare. Seemingly even soldiers, one of the demographics most glorified by the population, seemingly can’t enjoy healthcare for whatever reason. It makes no sense. If you have a decent employer , your job will provide you with healthcare. If your job is literally serving, suffering and even possibly dying in service, the minimum the government can offer you is a great healthcare plan.
Also, there’s this misconception that gender reassignment surgery/hormone treatment is some kind of unecessary purely cosmetic surgery, which couldn’t be farther from the truth: it is the appropriate treatment to treat body dysphoria.


How is Gender reassignment surgery medically necessary?


So you’re of the selected group who believe the mental process of gender identity to be a disease or a whim?


No I asked how it was medically necessary. Who decides this?


People join up to escape poverty, get an education, use to be a way to avoid jail time, all sorts of stuff.

Just another perk for putting your life on the line I say.


Doctors. You know, the ones that practice medicine. Is this something new to you or something? Plenty of documentation you can read out there, this isn’t a obscure subject.



“the heart of America” sounds like the Midwest to me. I have mixed feelings.


It just gets better and better.


North Korea ain’t gonna do shit. They’re like a yapping terrier.


I am not so sure.

Not saying I fully believe they will hit America today right now-but I honestly think they are marching towards that end.

Not an expert on the nation so just IMO but it seems this new guy is different than his father and grandfather in that I think the nuke was a deterrent and a chip to be bargained with for food and aid.

But this guy-I think he sees it as a weapon to be used.


I don’t see it happening. Granted, the yappy rhetoric has stepped up under
Kim Jong Un, but that’s all it is - Empty threats and volatile rhetoric.

North Korea can’t even successfully launch a satellite, no way can they
pull off a pre-emptive nuclear strike at the USA.


Wow… That’s scary, i wonder what will happen now, i don’t like the China/Russia thing, they just had military training together and i don’t know what they both will do if USA attacks North Korea.



I think if the United States suffers any kind of crippling blow the rest of the world will not help. They would be too afraid of the remaining government but even more than that the citizens.

I could see certain nations taking ships out the coasts to shoot and or make sure American refugees don’t make it to them.

So China and Russia would either sit back or do some kind of “mop up”

Too many people low key want the United States to fail and take its place.


I’m not so sure about that, i think NATO would help USA, like USA will help NATO, NATO members must help each other.
A attack on USA would be a attack on NATO.

But i just read the headlines and i thought NK would attack USA today, but it looks like that is not the case:

‘Should the US dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the US with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time.’

Read more:


China and Russia is allies with NK.