General News Thread 2.0


“When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddywagon, you just see them thrown in, rough. I said please don’t be too nice,” Trump told the audience at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, where the county’s police force is centered. “Like when you put somebody into a car and you protect their head? … I said you can take the hand away, OK?” Trump added.


So they don’t care where they take em as long as it ain’t Europe.

So what good is that to drop them off at a random non European Port? You know they are just going to try again.

This is a waste of time and money. The issue is bigger than simply destroying rafts and trying to deter refugees. Seeing what the people are going through at home and in travel some misguided nationalist are not going to stop them. I think they want in more than the nationalist want them out.


That moment when Sean Spicer acts more mature than you.


Surprised nobody mentioned Trump’s massive failure to repeal Obamacare for the THIRD TIME.

John McCain may be an asshole but that was a pretty good Mic Drop moment right there.


What a shame. Hopefully he’ll try again.


Who will be next??

Oh! Its Rincewind!!


I guess the small mercy of President Trump is that his malice is exceeded only by his utter incompetence. He’s so useless that he really can’t do shit outside of sign executive orders, and even those are often torn down by the courts.


It’s not Trumps fault. Republicans had 7 years to put together a plan that they felt would be better than Obamacare. Everyone loses here. Both Dem and Republicans and the American people.


Apart from the tens of millions that would lose their healthcare, and the tens of thousands that would almost certainly die as a result of it.

Right. And which party is Donald Trump in?



The number of uninsured Americans has fallen by about 25 percent this year, or about eight million to 11 million people.

At least as many people have enrolled in Medicaid, the government health care program for lower-income people, as have signed up for private insurance through the new online marketplaces.

Several million more are expected to sign up in the coming year, but the total number of uninsured is projected to remain around 30 million for years to come.

Whether the uninsured population is further reduced significantly will depend in part on whether more states opt to expand Medicaid. So far, 23 states have declined to do so.

But it’s not perfect, but it looks like the republicans can’t improve it or come up with someting that would work better.

The ACA will be a huge boon to tens of millions of Americans, but there are still flaws. The act does not require employers to pay a big enough share of employee health premiums, or to provide comprehensive coverage; thus, it has the potential to force employees of low-wage firms to pay more than they can afford for lousy health insurance. In addition, the subsidies to purchase coverage are not enough to make it affordable to some middle-income families. As a result, such families will be faced with paying more than they can afford for coverage or remaining uninsured—and sometimes having to pay a penalty. Fixes will require overcoming two big political challenges in coming years: standing up to the business lobby and increasing federal spending. But the failure to do so is likely to provoke a backlash from the people who are harmed.


It is Not much of a problem. But it was simple as such communicating reward based language what made most sense to the AI.
An auto learning system, That adapts well according to the function at hand for the AI.
Meaning Instead of what human thinks what is best for AI in order to complete the function. The AI itself formulates the data what is suited best for the given assignment.
What do you guys think? Should AIs be allowed to use their own language/code in order to perform their given function better or should we let that task to humans only?


I learned about this a few hours ago.

I think they are right to do this. Language is control as the colonizers have shown us, if you cant control their self expression then you cant control them.


I agree with @Wakanda, we have to know what the AI’s is talking about or humans could loose control.


Hopefully that pompous, sycophant asshole Scaramucci.


I’m not sure how much many of you on the forum who (happen to have an opinion on healthcare but who also seem to not even live in the U.S.) may know what it actually cost to have healthcare.

I happen to be an American who is affected severely by Healthcare in general. I can barely afford to pay for healthcare as my premiums top $12k a year just coming from my paycheck for a family of four and I have a higher deductible plan on top of that.

So I still have to pay when I go to the doctor. My deductible is $6K for the family. So let me break it down if I never go to the doctor not once it costs me around $12K a year. Money is taken from my paycheck on a weekly basis. That premium is 50% of the total apparently and my job pays the other 50%.

My daughter had to stay in the hospital overnight and had to visit the emergency room 3 times for a severe respiratory illness. This was only a few weeks ago. Bills are coming in now and it looks like the total will end up being $34K!

So while many of you pull out stories from the internet and post newspaper articles I just wanted to let you know how it affects me and how I struggle to pay ridiculous amounts of money while trying to succeed.

Oh and if I refuse to have insurance I am penalized. So I have no choice but to take an extremely expensive and shitty plan that my employer offers.

Gotta go now and work my second job on the weekend so that I can pay for healthcare. Have a great day all.


However i think there is nothing wrong with letting them use their own language as long as we also understand how and what they are communicating.
But ofc letting that system run wild could turn out problematic.


Your situation is utter bullshit and I really do empathise with you. I just don’t understand how repealing the Affordable Care Act and leaving 20 million Americans with NO coverage whatsoever in a country where coverage is the difference between life and death is going to help in any way to alleviate the kind of problem you, and millions of others, have to deal with.

The fact you have to pay $34k out of your own pocket because of a serious respiratory illness, despite having insurance, is not “The American Dream”. It’s commodification of healthcare and turning an essential service into a business. The USA really, really needs to join the rest of the western world in making healthcare a human right, free at the point of use.


Not to mention that the state of the ACA right is fault of the republicans, that limited and ammended it every single time they could, neutering it a lot more than what the plan was supposed to be.
Basically Republicans spent all this time actively sabotaging the ACA and now can’t even come up with a proper replacement that doesn’t leave millions upon millions of people to die.


Agree, here in Norway our healthcare is payed through taxes, if you need medical care, you and me have payed it already, so you don’t need to sell your house etc to pay the medical bill.
Why USA have a system where you need a insurance for paying medical care is beyond my comprehension.


But is the health care your employer is providing more expensive than ACA?

I don’t know how much a average family earns a year in USA, but ACA has gotten very expensive, the cost in 2008 is what it should cost today.