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So I don’t have to pay $34k thankfully. That is what the doctors and hospital charged. This is why Healthcare is so expensive. How can anyone justify those charges.

I pay $12K a year no matter what. Then $6k deductible which I met this year. After I reach my deductible which obviously I have this year I still am responsible for 10% of the total bill. So basically I am fucked this year. Will end up around $25k in total.

Oh and my health insurance does not include a vision plan so I pay for that too outside of the costs I listed above.

I don’t want it repealed I want it to be fair. Why should I have to pay more for example in order to allow others to get it for free and or at a much less cost.


It’s not just the cost it’s the care you receive Yes they do and if a business has 50 people or more they MUST offer insurance. So if you are a small entrepreneur and want to work for yourself you have to keep your staff to less than 50 which is what a lot of companies are doing. This forces you into ACA.

It’s a mess.


Just so I am clear - You pay 12,000 dollars a year regardless of whether you (or anyone in your family )goes to hospital or sees a doctor? Who do you pay that to? Your insurer?

Everyone deserves access to the same kind of healthcare, and should receive it based on need and not the ability to pay.

This system is flawed and confusing


Yes he does, it’s like any other insurance, if you don’t have insurance and getting serious ill in USA, you can loose your home etc to be able to pay the medical bill, with montly insurance you are secured against that.
It’s like car insurance, home insurance etc.

But 12K is for his whole family, if you are just you, it’s not that expensive, 393 per month if you are single, 1021 per month for a whole family.

And usally if you have a family, both have a job, so it will be 510,50 on each per month.


It’s Automatically taken out of my paycheck weekly. Total cost is around $24k. My employer pays 50% and I have to pay the rest.

Of course if I worked for a Fortune 500 company they may pay more or the share sonits different depending who you work for. I work for a family owned company that has 1500 employees.

I basically work just so I have Healthcare.

I have relatives in Sweden and they tell me that yes Healthcare is paid for but try getting an appointment. I’ve seen them wait months just to get in to see a doctor.

So I don’t know what’s better but it’s going to get a lot worse. Insurers don’t even want to insure.


That is most certainly the case. I do not know how isyour deal with healthcare up there on England or in the USA, but I would expect insursnce companies to be pretty much the same everywhere.

Down here we have hospitals and clinics. Hospitals are public institutions where any citizen can go for a medical check-up, a health test or complex exams, during minor and severe medical emergencies… all of that. And it is public so you do not pay; however there are very long lists for people who want to do check ups there, the reactive components for several tests are rarely available and surgery is usually made by beginner doctors with old tech gear.

Then you have clinics, that are places you can go to do anything you could at a hospital but faster, better, cleaner, safer and it is paid. You could pay by checks, cash, credit cards, debit cards… or insurance.

Insurances can be personal or company-wide. Companies are not forced to have medical insurance on their workers because there are hospitals, where they can go to for free. Personal insurances are basically what chef describes. You pay a fixed ammount of money every year wether or not you actually use the insurance, and then when you suffer some health hazard your insurance pays what you suffered up to a fixed percentage of like 1000% what you normally pay per year. The older, or more likely to suffer injuries or diseases that you are, the more your insurance will ask of you.


But that’s not Obama Care? Why not have ACA if it would cost you and your family 12252 per year?


Unfortunately it’s not that simple. If your employer offers a plan and you refuse and take Obamacare you lose a lot of the tax benefits when doing taxes at the end of the year.


But we was talking about ACA and you said:

So how can you say this, if you don’t even have ACA?

Not my business, but don’t you and your girlfriend/wife share the monthly expenses? If she is home with the kids, dosen’t she receive some kind of child support? (in lack of better words, because child support is something a devorced are getting) And will be able to help with the montlhy expenses?


I don’t think you understand the whole picture. Obamacare the way it’s currently written has driven up the cost of health insurance for everyone. I NEVER paid this much before ACA came to be. Premiums are skyrocketing because of the cost to insure so everyone pays more just so the healthcare providers don’t go bankrupt.

So yes I can say this.

You don’t get paid to stay home in the U.S. btw. Do you in Norway? Unless you are on welfare govt assistance. You may be eligible for temporary unemployment pay but it’s not much and it’s temporary between jobs.

The incentive to work hard and make a lot of money is waining in the U.S. When there are two earners in a family and both work it puts you in a worse situation.


Yes we do, it’s called parental benefit, again payed through our taxes, so when i and the rest of the tax payers pay taxes we help parents to be able to be home with the kids for a time when they are really young and receive money from the government.

This made me think that you had to have two jobs for paying the insurance, but it’s also for be able to feed a family of 4?


Have to pay the bills. If I didn’t have the extra healthcare bills I wouldn’t have to. Do you know that when you pay for health insurance a family is considered 3 or more. So you pay single, single plus 1, and family. If I had 6 kids say then I would be saying it’s not bad because the premiums would be split between 8.

Listen I’m just one person who wanted to share with the forum my situation. I’m not asking for sympathy or anything. There are many people like me with probably worse stories.

If you have any other questions PM me. I don’t want to clog the General News thread.


I can’t find this news in english. (I find that a bit odd) But the headline are saying:

Two US Air Force B-1B with first a Japanese fighter jet escort and then a South Korea fighter jet escort was flying near the north Korea Border last night.


Well, the artice gives Reuters as it’s source, so:


Hahaha, thanks, i searched google, but couldn’t find anything, i should have checked Reuters instead :smiley: and maybe check my eyes as well :joy:.


You know that moment when the national council… sorry, the national ministry of elections says that 8.900.000 people voted, but the opposition, international observation and logic says that it was only 2.200.000? Well, that is the moment when your country declares dictatorship.


And you know it’s bad when a president vote with a fake ID :open_mouth:.

When Maduro scanned his ID card as he cast his ballot – the first Venezuelan to do so – the screen spit out the words, “This person does not exist or the ID was canceled.”


Aw man dude just got there. I liked Mooch. His BBC interview was legendary.


What!? Is he fired already? After 10 days? It’s like White Mad House over there :open_mouth:. But i’m not surprised from what i have read about him after he started working as a communications director.


Finally. Man was a piece of trash.