General News Thread 2.0


The Mooch was the Oberyn Martell of the White House. Big entrance, big exit. In the space of 10 days, he got hired, had a baby with his wife, got divorced, threatened to fire everyone who worked for him, called the Chief of Staff a “fucking paranoid schizophrenic”, went on an expletive laden tirade against his colleagues in the presence of journalists, got tricked by a prankster pretending to be Reince Preibus, then got fired. 10/10.

I have to remind myself that people like this actually exist outside of HBO programming, and they’re running the US Government.


Oh, what a comedy of errors!

Literally one fucking thing after another.


We need a White House reality TV show ASAP, so much drama in there and anarchy as if it is a over dramatic generic TV show.



The man was removed from his house arrest today and no one says where they keep him. Probably back to a hole. Same for mayor Ledezma.

Quite expected after the fraud.


This is damning


Doesn’t surprise me.


Me neither, looks like Venezuela is going full dictatorship, or what will you say @Supernova?


Yeah well, I said this here within minutes of the official announcement. This much was obvious.

Your link however seems to claim the figures were off by about a million votes. I believe they were off by about 6 million actually.


Did you go out to vote or didn’t bother?


I will assume you are misinformed for even asking this, so I will explain briefly.

This voting was made in order to select a new congress (a “constitutional congress”) that will have power above all the other 5 democratic powers (executive, judicial, legislative, moral and electoral). The purpose of it is to write a new constitution to “guarantee peace” and of course they will pass over the actual congress because it is controlled by the opposition and pretty much since then has been nulled by the supreme court for “not respecting the law” and what have you other excuses from the government.

To even call for a new constitution you need to first hold a referendum in which the people vote wether or not they want to have a new constitution. Howevee the government passed over that so that they may have this new “super power” above all other 5 powers already active, and claim they will do the referendum to aprove the constitution once is already written.

Because calling for a new constitution without a referendum and withour support from the actual congress is illegal, all members of the opposition refused to partake in such an ilicit act and told everyone wanting a new government to avoid voting, for all the constitutionalist congressmen would be loyal to the government. So the 545 people elected last sunday are all loyal to the governing party and will start a new super power starting today. As such, of course I did not vote for them. In fact, the opposition held a popular consukting plesbicite about two weeks ago with only a third of the normal voting centers in the country, and the total number of voters was of 7.600.000 people refusing this new congress and the new constitution. Last sunday with the normal number of voting centers and without coverage from private media for military commands, the vote for this new congress was held. However the photos on the internet provided by normal citizens on their cellphones showing the emptyness of the voting centers as well as the overall lack of movement on the street for a voting day, and even testimoties from the people working at the voting centers showed that there was a massive unnatendance to the process. So much that the opposition claims it was around 2.200.000 total voters, of whom a quarter willingly voted null (because the government made threats prior to the voting, so that for example if you are a public servent or you work for a public company and you do not vote you will be fired; because they asked for two IDs on this voting, one that is secret and one that the government can look at to know who participated). In that sense, only about 13% of the voters participated and only 9,5% of those votes are valid; and constitutionally you need at least 15% of attendance for a voting to be legitimate. However the government say it was 8.100.000 total voters… that is 6 millions off of the other predictions both nationally and internationally as well as that it does not add up to what was observed on the street. Even the only opposition member inside the national council of elections said that he will not confirm the total official count as legitimate, for it is not. And now it seems that the company that provided the machines to vote also claims that the number of voters was inflated.

TLDR: the voting is anticonstitutional, the congress coming out of this voting is illegitimate, no one on their right mind would go vote unless they were threatened and the government does not care for any of this and will continue to move forwad as if anyone buys this crap as real.


In case anyone needed reminding that the far right are a bunch of morons


Hahaha, that’s blind racism alright.

“Slåttavik told Nettavisen and Norway’s TV2 he wanted to “highlight the difference between legitimate criticism of immigration and blind racism”, and was “interested to see how people’s perceptions of an image are influenced by how others around them react. I ended up having a good laugh.””

“Other members of the 13,000-strong group, for people “who love Norway and appreciate what our ancestors fought for”, wondered whether the non-existent passengers might be carrying bombs or weapons beneath their clothes. “This looks really scary,” wrote one. “Should be banned. You can’t tell who’s underneath. Could be terrorists.””

Yeah… right… what’s underneath would be muslims if the picture was true and not all muslims are terrorists.

And i doubt that our ancestors fought for a racism Norway.

Beyer told Nettavisen: “I’m shocked at how much hate and fake news is spread [on the Fedrelandet viktigst page]. So much hatred against empty bus seats certainly shows that prejudice wins out over wisdom.”

The head of Norway’s Antiracist Centre, Rune Berglund Steen, told the site that people plainly “see what they want to see – and what these people want to see are dangerous Muslims”.



Yeah, it is literally ‘blind’ racism. They didn’t take the time to open their fucking eyes.


But… but what if they’re hiding INSIDE the seats? These Muslim folks are sneaky. :rofl:


Hahaha, that was funny :wink:, but the next is not:

Because this is a bit prejudgemental :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


It’s satire :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, i didn’t say he was prejudgemental, but writing stuff like that on the internet can easily be misunderstood, it’s not the same as saying it as a joke face to face with someone.


I wasn’t sure if I should post it because of this. But hopefully everybody will realize that I’m not serious.:slight_smile:


Congrats to Trump for finally doing something right.

Tho he signed it without the super flare he does everything else and complained about it all the way through.

But at least he did it.

Course if it was me signing it I would have had a huge press conference with youth doing ‘hit dem folks’ in the background. Yaw-Yaw-Yaw to the song '“bad and boujee”

“Cry me a river, give you a tissue (hey)
My bitch is bad and boujee (bad)
Cookin’ up dope with a Uzi (blaow)
My ****** is savage, ruthless (savage)
We got 30’s and 100 rounds too (grrah)”



It would take a huge amount of stupidity to sign it, even by Trump standards. The darn thing went through with 98-2, dude could have not signed it and tried to veto it, it would still go through. No need to look even more of a Russian puppet as he already is lmao