General News Thread 2.0


Oh boy I think we’re going to have a nice nuclear war between USA and North Korea. I open facebook and only this its on the news.
I doubt something happens. But the media spams this news every 5 minute I see.
I must admit I’m quite excited to see if something happens.


Yes those are palm trees. No this isn’t to scale.


DUDE… I have tears in my eyes :joy: I’m at work. This is beautiful!!!


I shared this on my facebook


It’s not the first time that it looked like a war between the USA and North Korea would be imminent. So it’s very likely that nothing more happens than a few treats. On the other hand, Trump isn’t the kind of guy to simply back down and neither is Kim.

If a war breaks out, South Korea will probably suffer the most and if Kim indeed has nuclear weapons and knows that he’s going to lose… That could be really nasty.


Yeah, i read about it last night, i didn’t want to post about it here, because i don’t want to scare you guys too much and i have already said enough about it, but i noticed that Trump is talking like Kim Jong Un and it is a bit silly imo, fire and fury etc.


A new car attack in France :open_mouth:, 6 soldiers injured:


Haha glad you liked it :smile:


Dude, that was hilariously genius! I can’t stop going back and looking at it :joy:. It should be plastered in every thread, just so NO ONE misses it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m waiting for the president of the u.s. and his 12 little pricks to say something stupid.


THis is basically the new U.S. National anthem, atleast untl Trump is out of office.


Snow Flake and The Seven Twats


Read two interesting articles worth posting:

From the western prospective this is so ass backwards since people would use P.I.'s an suspicion of cheating as grounds for divorce and a means to secure assets-but in China it is reverse people us P.I. to avoid divorce and save assets.

It is unfair the treatment of women that they should have to be the ones to put up with such behavior just so, as one woman in the article put it, “I get to stay in my house.”

They are not called P.I.'s (Private investigator) but that’s basically what they are mixed in with some relationship coaching. But either way sounds like a fun job

I had been curious how these dolls are maintained-so I am shocked to hear that most of the repairs come from lack of proper storage. I guess throwing it in the closest when “company” comes over is not good enough.

I am fascinated with the treatment of the dolls and them being ripped apart by people. How do you fuck the leg off a doll?

Not surprised to hear that folks don’t take care of the doll, like they should. I feel like it goes without saying that the same kinda person who gets a sex doll is not gonna take care of the sex doll.



Can you educate me on what I am seeing here? This journalist is saying it ain’t as bad as people are being led to believe.

Break it down?


I don’t know, but i found this a bit alarming:

The Empire Files[edit]
Abby Martin launched a new program, The Empire Files, in 2015. Martin directs the show, and journalist and activist Michael Prysner produces it.[41]
The Empire Files is hosted by TeleSUR, which is funded by several Latin American governments, but is editorially independent. Martin said “The show is totally independent of TeleSUR… We merely sell them the content; they have zero control over anything we do”.[42]
Martin and Prysner received death threats for their reporting on protests in Venezuela.[42]
For The Empire Files, Martin also reported from the Palestinian West Bank and the Amazon rainforest.[43][44]

And i have more faith in UN :flushed::

The dire economic situation also has stirred deep bitterness as people struggle with skyrocketing inflation and shortages of food and medicine.


Lmfao is this it then? I have been busy all day and I have not had the chance to get home and watch Wakanda’s video, I would more than happily explain him whatever he wishes to know… But if you’re telling me that that bullshit comes from Telesur, they can shove it up their asses. I am not even going to waste time explaining how much of a fucking tool that TV channel is. Mindless instruments of the regime.


Nothing wrong with asking and @Wakanda just asked for your opinion about it and wondered if you could break it down and you sure did :smiley:.


I see.

Well as Ingrobny said I was just asking to get your opinion.

gotcha loud and clear.


And like I said I would more than happily give it to you. Here, on PM, on PSN chat… wherever!

Just spare me from having to watch the brainwash delusions that TeleSur, TVes or specially VTV say. I may watch the report later, with some popcorn and as a comedy now that I know it comes from the regime.


I hear you, and I appreciate it.

I did light research on TELESUR and just saw its funded my Latin American governments and that kinda tipped me off but I wasn’t sure if they would be in support of Venezuela’s current government or not.

Never heard of the other stations but I will keep an eye out for them. Just seems like it is hard to get info about your country right now. So I take what I can get.