General News Thread 2.0


If there’s nuclear war because of these two moronic fucks having a dick swinging contest, maybe our species doesn’t deserve to survive anyway.


I’m just wating for when the word war between Trump and Kim has gone so far that they just have to do something stupid for not losing their face.

But it dosen’t have to lead to a attack from either side, maybe it will just be a word war like it has been for ca 50 years now?

But Japan is ready with enable missile defense if NK launch missiles towards Guam, the missiles wil fly over Japan if i understand correct.

“The Defense Ministry and the Self-Defense Forces are ready to deal with any contingency just in case,” Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told a Lower House security committee session on Thursday.

“But we are also aware of remarks by Mr. Tillerson, who said (the U.S.) will first try to resolve problems through sanctions and diplomacy,” Onodera said.

Asked if the North’s plan would meet those conditions — and if the SDF’s anti-missile defense systems would be allowed to intercept ballistic missiles — Onodera declined to answer the question during Thursday’s Diet session.

He did say, though, if the U.S. ability to protect Japan is feared to be significantly damaged, Japanese Ageis destroyers, equipped with anti-missile SM-3 rockets, might be allowed to attempt to shoot down a North Korean missile, Onodera said.

“You cannot rule out the possibility that (such a situation) might affect the chance of Japan’s survival,” he said.


This is how foreign diplomacy works in the age of Trump, I guess. Macho posturing, escalating threats and the prospect of nuclear annihilation being thrown around so casually by these boorish oafs, you’d think they were discussing the Dow Jones rather than mutually assured destruction. What is this? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Cunt?

Cooler heads will likely prevail, but Trump is a complete liability to the USA and totally incapable of handling a situation like this responsibly. It is, frankly, embarrassing.


Yeah, Trump is not the right man for a job like this and the fire and fury thing made me wonder if Trump is 7 years old.

And saying something like this: “They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.” is far from okay, because it can scare many countries besides NK.

Maybe Trump thought he was tough by saying something like this?

The tone of rhetoric Trump used, which has reverberated around the world and raised alarm among national security and foreign policy experts, did not surprise many around him, the officials said. The President has used nearly that same language in private, the officials said.


Okay @Quinn so the general election is coming up here in Norway next month (labour party is the party i want to give my vote to) and i was at the grocery store just now and talked with a man who has voted for labour party all his life, but now he said that norwegian labour party was leaning to the right too much for his liking, so he will vote for a more left pary, party red:

So i wonder what you think about this @Quinn ? Is party red too far on the left side?

The 3rd option would be:


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Hahaha, that’s embarrassing :joy: , but i can’t see the person who watched it .


Was that a movie?

American pie?


What’s farther to the left than a communist party? ThoughTs


Hahaha, true, but party red is not a full blown communist party, this party is:


“The people of this country should be very comfortable, and I will tell you this: If North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack, of anybody that we love or we represent or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous,” Trump said. “I’ll tell you why, and they should be very nervous. Because things will happen to them like they never thought possible.”


What’s wrong with this guy? And can’t he read? Trump has sunken down to Kim’s level and that’s just sad. (I don’t know if that norwegian sentence can be translated directly to english, the sunken thing i mean :flushed:)

Stop the dangerous rhetoric already Trump and be a better man (but i doubt you can).


This guy is legitimately unhinged.


Welp, depending upon what happens within the next week or so could delay my military separation…great :expressionless:


Yes it would, it would be a humanitarian disaster for everybody involved, just think of the refugee situation and all the killed or wounded soldiers, it will be a tragedy in a huge scale.

If Kim is launching missiles, shot them down and take it from there, attacking a country just because of threats would be wrong imo, from what i understand NK has done this since the korean war in 1950.

But what is a bit surprising (not that surprised though) is that “everybody” else have to go out and calm down people after the president says something stupid and scares the whole world, Trump is a firestarter and the rest of the government have to come running with the water buckets :unamused:.


Despite Trump’s ramblings I highly doubt America will attack North Korea out of the blue. If Kim really is stupid enough to launch a missile or two it’ll be the end of the DPRK as we know it. All they want is to be taken seriously as a world power, just like they have for the last 50 odd years.


In my opinion, no - At least not based on the information available in those Wikipedia articles. Although they do seem like something of an outlier - AKA largest party to not get any seats in the last election.

Are you sticking with the Labour party?


I think so, my second option would be Socialist Left Party, but they can’t make a government by themselves, so i think they will turn to Labour Party if they are going to form a Government, the best bet would be Labour Party with SV and i think they will have enough votes to form a government.


"I ask them both. Calm down. There are phone-calls that could be made, discussions that could be held. “Surely, in the interest of sanity and safety over the whole world, do it.”

Bless you, Jeremy.


“Fire and Furry” and “Locked and loaded”

I’m gonna need someone to sponsor me as a refugee in their country.

Anybody live somewhere that is pretty temperate? I don’t like extreme hot or cold.