General News Thread 2.0


Agree and a shame that he isn’t UK’s prime minister :cry:. Or a president in the US for that matter.

Hahaha, so a igloo on the south pole is out of the question?

What Trump don’t understand, is with talk like that can force Kim Jong Un do something stupid, so if anything happens i will blame Trump for it, so far NK have given empty threats and have done it for years, but then Trump comes along (more correct than using coming around?) and are now almost provoking a attack.

What’s positive in all this is that China is saying they are neutral if NK attacks first:

but if the United States attacks first and tries to overthrow North Korea’s government China will stop them, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Friday.

Oh god… this can end badly… :open_mouth:.


Pretty sure everywhere is going to be too hot very soon.


I do! Want to come? No you don’t!


Hahaha, (dark humor laughter) i don’t know what’s best or bad, dictatorship or cancer from radiation after NK and USA is done with the nuclear missiles show :open_mouth:.


I knew this would happen in my country:|


"News about a driver allegedly attempting to run down a group of people in Helsinki began making headlines on newspaper sites on Thursday evening.

According to police, the driver of a black BMW tried to run down people on a sidewalk in the Kallio neighbourhood following a street fight on Thursday evening. One person was slightly injured in the incident.

Many papers covered the close-call, including Helsingin Sanomat, evening tabloids Ilta-Sanomat, Iltalehti and others. Police said they received a call about the incident at 8:20 pm, after which three men in their thirties were apprehended.

The case is being investigated as aggravated assault, police told the media, including Ilta-Sanomat (which also posted amateur video of the event).

Thursday’s car assault was the city’s second similar incident in nearly as many weeks.

Two weeks ago, on July 28, a 51-year-old man allegedly drove his car into several pedestrians in central Helsinki. One woman died and five others were injured. Police suspect that man of manslaughter, attempted manslaughter, drink driving and aggravated traffic endangerment."

It went surprisingly well, only one injured, it dosen’t say it is a terror attack or not.


We got lucky:) But i dont think this is the end…


These guys really are measuring dicks at this point.

I have an impression that N. Korea has a trick up its sleeve.


There is no way the Chinese will sit by and let the Americans take over North Korea.

But for them to say they will stop the Americans from over throwing North Korea’s government should give pause.


I don’t know what to say, except if Trump want a war with China and North Korea then go ahead with it, but i feel sorry for all american soldier who is dragged into this because their president is not smart enough.

I know, not sure if China will attack american forces, but here in Norway they are talking about that China will secure that some of the NK government will survive and can restore NK, China don’t want NK to be a part of SK, because SK is allied with USA and China don’t want a strong Korea allied with USA and border to China.


The adult in the room is China and after reading the Washington Post article I am thinking that they may in fact attack US troops.

I am guessing Russia would back China and the U.N would be a non factor thanks to the security council. So we are looking at S. Korea and USA, England + whoever else they can bribe vs China and Russia + N. Korea.

I am thinking that China damn near sees this as a fight for it’s life-I don’t think it will accept America as a neighbor under any conditions and if they don’t keep that regime in tact-that’s what will happen.

So looks like if N. Korea sends that missle in the direction of Guam and Trump strikes N. Korea in anyway and Trump says or it looks like regime change then I am guessing China will start pulling economic strings and giving weapons and aid to the N. Koreans.

I know USA is supposed to be bad ass and all but I don’t think they wanna see Chinese troops in a ground war.

The paper’s comments reflect the 1961 Sino-North Korean Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance, which obliges China to intervene if North Korea is subject to unprovoked aggression — but not necessarily if Pyongyang starts a war.


Yes i read this, but from what i understand China is looking for a loophole and are trying to find a way out of this agreement, but right now, China will not have any choice than helping NK.

I don’t know what Russia will do, but Russia said (today i think) that both Trump and Kim must stop with this word war thing.

Interesting reading here, it’s on norwegian, but if people use google translate it might be readable in english etc:


From your article:

At the same time, he points out that there will be new opportunities for China if war should break out. "If China then goes with soldiers in North Korea, they do not do it to save the regime in the north or war with the Americans. They will do it to consolidate their position. It will give them a negotiating card, where the Chinese will say they withdraw if the United States withdraws.

This is a really good point and I think is most likely.


Hahahah, yes that was what i meant, but i said China would secure NK government, but that was very wrong :joy:.
When i think of it, maybe China would love to have Kim removed and getting a new more stable leadership in NK.


Well China and NK are both Communist…




I think China will help protect NK from USA


Not if NK attacks first. Do you really think that China whish a massive NK refugee situation and a massive soldier loss, just by helping NK no matter what?
I don’t think so and China has already said that they will remain neutral if NK attacks first and they have not said that they will attack USA if they attack NK first.


I guess Kim will soon wake up and read the last tweet from Trump, i wonder what Kim will say, if he will continue with the threats or stop.

Some will notice that the time in NK and Norway is off by 30 min, that’s because of this:

The North Korean authorities have just announced that the country will turn its clocks back by 30 minutes to establish a new standard time. The switch will occur on August 15, 2015.


If this ends up happening, my uncle and I will start preparing huge boards that reads “WELCOME!” And put it in our windows and doors.