General News Thread 2.0


Yeah, that would be much better than fighting Kim Jong Un, with doing this he could at least help the people in Venezuela.


If North Korea are communist, then the Nazis were socislist. I mean, they called themselves National Socialists, so they must have been socialists right?!


I’m learning new stuff everyday :blush:, i assumed NK was communists, but they aren’t :open_mouth:.

The Communist movement in Korea emerged as a political movement in the early 20th century. Although the movement had a minor role in pre-war politics, the division between the communist North Korea and the anti-communist South Korea came to dominate Korean political life in the post-World War II era. North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, continues to be a Juche socialist state under the rule of the Workers Party of Korea. In South Korea, communism remains illegal through the National Security Law.[1][2] Due to end of economic aid from Soviet Union after Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and impractical ideological application of Communist economy in North Korea over years of economic slowdown in 1980s[3] and receding during 1990s,[4] North Korea replaced Communism with Juche ideology in its 1992 and 1998 Constitutional revision[5] for the personal cult of Kim’s family dictatorship and (albeit reluctanly) opening of North Korean market economy reform, though it still remains a centrally planned economy with complete control of the state and agriculture with collectivized farms and state-funded education and healthcare.


North Korea count as Communist
Edit are you attached Nazis because you like to use that word so much;)(Sarcasm)


It says: Trump will talk with China tonight about NK.

That is some good news :smiley:.


North Korea is about as far from being Communist as it is actually possible to be

Communism = Worker’s control over the means of production, property is owned by communities rather than individuals and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

Does that sound like North Korea to you? No. North Korea is a totalitarian Dynasty ruled by a wealthy family at the expense of the Citizens who are oppressed. That’s the absolute opposite of communism.


You are quite mistaken. We are good friends of China, India, Russia and Iran. NK is alone, my regime isn’t.


While this is accurate, I had always understood that Marx pointed out that totalitarianism is the way to reach communism, because reaching it was a three steps thing.


No, i said that it would be better if Trump would help your country getting rid of the regime in Venezuela than fighting North Korea.


How? NK is pretty much alone in the world at this point, while on the other hand we still have foreign governments with interests here. IIRC our external debt to China is around 12 billion without counting the oil embargo contracts that they have on us to guarantee we pay even bigger figures. I can’t imagine them or Russia either to just chill while Trump sends the marines here.


I don’t understand, why did you write this then?

if you don’t want USA to help your country?

(I’m going to sleep now, back in 8-9 hours :sleeping:)


I wish I was capable of sleeping for 8-9 hours straight, consider me jealous


I guess Trump about to pass out some democracy down to Venezula.


I just pruned out a whole bunch of North Korea stuff because you people can’t be respectul of eachother.
Remember, make your points without insults or personal attacks. That goes for all of you.


Probably the anarcho-primitivists. Mud-hut dwellers, as I call them. :wink:


Okay, so i woke up 14 min ago and first i was glad i could wake up at all, since the world could be a nuclear wasteland by now :joy:.

And i was happy to read about Trump’s latest press conference:

This means that USA will not attack NK first, that’s great :smiley:

But Trump is not a bright person is he :flushed:.

"“I think escalating the rhetoric is the wrong answer,” Merkel added.

“Let her speak for Germany,” Trump said, when asked about the comment. “Perhaps she is referring to Germany. She’s certainly not referring to the United States, that I can tell you.”"

Because Trump, Merkel was talking about you.



Jeez dude, I think you’re worrying about all of this too much!

Come to New Zealand, there was a pretty popular meme here a while back:

Funny Pictures/Video Thread

The absurd hilarity of the C-Star continues, now the little racist anti-refugee boat broke down in the meditteranian and the crew had to be rescued by a refugee rescue group.

Fucking hilarious.

Oh, and this comes just a few weeks after they accidentally smuggled a whole bunch of refugees into Europe.


Did you now? Because I can still see the things I would believe you are referring to and I do not see the “split from this topic” anywhere recently.