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General news is no place for resting haha.


True that

And on that note here’s a University professor who reckons he and 20 others including clergymen would be dead if it wasn’t for anti-fascist protesters repelling the neo nazis


I got to meet Dr. Cornel West at a protest rally in Washington D.C.

Very intelligent man. I don’t know if I agree with everything at least I can say he seems to be the same person on tv and in print-that he is in person.

I do hope to get more time to speak with him one day.


Alt-left is a meaningless term just like fake news term Trump is using, from what i understand FOX News started to use this useless alt-left term in 2016 when Hillary Clinton had a anti alt-right speech:



This is exactly what I need to read at 3am.


it was exactly what I needed to read at 1PM

Stay Woke.



More fake news from Trump:


but the real facts is this:

Donald Trump said he’s disbanding two advisory groups of American business leaders, after CEOs quit this week as the president faced blowback for failing to sufficiently condemn white supremacists.

Trump made the announcement on Twitter, less than an hour after one of the groups was said to be planning to inform the White House that it would break up.


I knew the man was a vain coward who cares more about how he is perceived than anything else.

Was talking to my SO just moments ago and had just said that he would disband the group rather than allow the CEO’s to trickle out. Proved me right.

After that first black CEO left the group and Trump attacked him on twitter I knew it was the start of the end of that group. When the Under Armour CEO left the secret was out.


He can condemn a business leader for leaving his advisory board an hour after they quit, but takes days to condemn violent neo nazis - And even then he does so half heartedly.

Goes to show where his priorities lie.


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Where does it say that this has to do with immigration? I used google translate for those who can’t read swedish:

Eight out of ten girls who participated in the Uppsala survey indicate that they feel insecure at the center. There were 3,900 attendees, writes Upsala Nya Tidning. In 2013, 45 percent of the Uppsala girls were safe, but now the figure is down 19 percent.

  • The explanation may be that the cityscape has changed with more single young people. It creates feelings of insecurity without these people necessarily causing more problems, "said Hilde Wiberg, Head of Social Services Youth Unit, to the newspaper.


“I am not really white power man, I just came here for the fun!”


Nothing to be worried about right? They’re not real Nazis, right?


Again, the usual reminders.

Post respectfully, and if you can’t fathom that serious world events impact people in real ways - don’t come into the thread.


This story puzzles me, what happend to Kim Wall and why should the Danish inventor Peter Madsen murder her?

He is now charged with second-degree murder (i think uaktsomt drap is second degree murder in english)
The police haven’t found Kim Wall and doubt that they will find her alive:

The Danish police have released new information about missing Kim Wall, 30.
According to the Copenhagen Police, it is assumed that Kim Wall is dead.
“We are looking for a dead person,” says Jens Möller, chief of the murder unit of Copenhagen Police.
The Danish police are now requesting further information about where the submarine may have been on Thursday night and the night to Friday last week when Kim Wall disappeared.

I wonder what really happend here.


"The police have reportedly alleged that an accident has occurred on board the submarine which has resulted in Kim Wall’s death and that he subsequently buried her at sea in a unspecified place in Køge Bay. The Copenhagen Police may additionally state that the sentence for killing is maintained. Further information on the investigation of the case will not be available as it is still covered by the door closure. "

So it looks like she was killed by a accident and he dumped her in the sea and tried to sink the submarine to hide the evidence :flushed:.


But what the h*** Peter Madsen!:

It is comfirmed now, she miss the head, arms and legs, but it is the missing Kim Wall :open_mouth::


If I may add to this conversation, that is not the full story. It is a real problem and not just a feeling. It is about how safe women feel when going out. And the newspaper gave some examples of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. I believe that their reaction is justified and the situation must be taken seriously. Such behaviour is not good and must stop!


Just now :open_mouth::

Several people have been injured after a van ploughed into a crowd in central Barcelona.

Photos posted online show victims being helped by police officers and witnesses at Placa de Catalunya.

Video shows witnesses fleeing through the streets in terror after the truck slammed into people on La Rambla.
The street is highly popular with tourists.
Police are investigating.
A spokesperson confirmed that several people were injured.