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Yeah. Their communication was a bit off yesterday, they made it sound like it was 2 dead, 6 injured. Apparently it was 2 dead, 8 injured. It’s something along those lines.

The dead were 2 Finnish women, the injured included at least some British and an Italian. My thinking isn’t at it’s best right now, there might’ve been some injured from Sweden as well. The investigators are considering the possibility that the assailant was targeting women.


WASHINGTON — The White House announced early Saturday that President Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, would not participate in this year’s Kennedy Center Honors, “to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political distraction.”

Yeah right…

The decision was another episode in an already fraught week for the White House. Mr. Trump has become increasingly isolated after a series of comments about the white supremacist marches in Charlottesville, Va.

Sorry, but i like this :flushed:.

Some recipients of the award, which honors lifetime careers in art, music, dance, film, television and culture, had already said they would not attend a gala event at the White House held in conjunction with the presentation. The Kennedy Center said that the gala had been canceled.

The dancer and choreographer Carmen de Lavallade, who is among those to be honored by the Kennedy Center in December, announced on Thursday that she would have forgone the related reception anyway.

“In light of the socially divisive and morally caustic narrative that our current leadership is choosing to engage in, and in keeping with the principles that I and so many others have fought for, I will be declining the invitation to attend the reception at the White House,” Ms. de Lavallade, 86, said in a statement.

I think this is the real reason for why Trump will not want to be there, but how long can a president survive when he have to hide from people?


Neither do I, but I’m not an idiot who believes that atheism means that life is meaningless.


Well we got to this point a little faster than I speculated but here we are.

Authorities say a Houston park ranger on Saturday caught Schneck kneeling near a statue of Richard Dowling, a lieutenant in the Confederate army, located in Hermann Park…Prosecutors say Schneck was caught with two boxes with duct tape and wires and with a bottle containing a liquid made up of compounds used as explosives.

Now these monuments have become flash points for confrontation across the nation. The country is in the mist of a culture change.


Now, was he trying to damage/destroy the statue or was he hoping to trigger the bomb when people came to take it down…?


Yep good question. I dont think we know yet


Sharing this article, which is probably one of the best I’ve read so far about what recently happened in Charlottesville.

What does an angry white boy want? The fact that they get together to play dress-up — to engage in a large and sometimes murderous game of cowboys and Indians — may give us our answer. They want to be someone other than who they are. That’s the great irony of identity politics: They seek identity in the tribe because they are failed individuals. They are a chain composed exclusively of weak links. What they are engaged in isn’t politics, but theater: play-acting in the hopes of achieving catharsis. Their online personas — knights, Vikings, reincarnations of Charles Martel — will be familiar enough to anybody with a Dungeons and Dragons nerd in his life. But sometimes, role-playing around a card table isn’t enough: Sometimes, you need a stage and an audience. In the theater, actors and audience both can forget ourselves for an hour or two. Under the soft glow of the tiki torches, these angry white boys can be something else — for a night.


This story is personal to me having lived out in DC I use to frequent Howard a lot and ate in the cafeteria keeping company with some of the students. I have some good “romance” stories out of Howard.

Two white teen girls walked onto the campus of Howard University, a historically black college, donning “Make America Great Again” hats on Saturday.

When I first heard of this story I agreed with the white teens. I believe in incitement especially political agitation. I thought nothing of it other than trying to goad black folks into reacting to them. I laughed. I got the pictures to prove it-I have done the same thing when I was in D.C. I wore an Obama shirt to take pictures at Tea party rallies. No judgement.

But then:

She said that she was totally unaware that the school was predominately black, “which either way shouldn’t matter.” In her account, Howard students “continuously harassed” her, took photos, and said as a white person, she “should have know better.”

The Teens say they got the MAGA outfits that day, no word on whose idea exactly it was to go to Howard but I don’t buy that this wasn’t a stunt. I know stunts, I pull stunts. This was a stunt. My only grievance is that the teens won’t own it. They went there to agitate black folks-they did so and now they act like victims. They got what they came for.

I have found flyers on the subway and postings online from different conventions or groups that meet in DC warning visitors about the area where Howard is at and to stay away from the green line subway section. I am confident High School kids were given the same Ghetto talk.

I mean honestly who goes to a University Campus to eat, you went all the way to the hood in D.C. to go eat college food? You can do all that at American University, George Town, George Washington University. Get my point? It was a stunt.

Vandee said that when she and Sara walked into the cafeteria, “a man said ‘F*ck y’all’ to me.” And while waiting in line, Vandee said someone came by and stole her friend’s hat.

I still support the white teens even if they wanna play naive. Howard fell for the okey-doke. And really have no excuse to treat children like that. This is a bad look.



That was one of the most crazy news I saw in the recent years. Seriously: attacked the girl because of a creepypasta?


I smoked Synthetic pot before. Never again-that shit is satanic.

I had been smoking pot for like 5 years when I first tried synthetic-never felt anything like that before. It was so strong and unlike anything I have ever done-it completely dulled me.

Bad stuff. They should regulate the fuck out of it


This fuckin’ guy, honestly.


I’m surprised that the Slender Man myth hasn’t died out yet.


Wait what? What the hell is wrong with people!


Political correctness run amuck (imo)


I really trust these people to keep the borders in check post Brexit, they clearly know what they are doing. Oh, apart from the part where they LITERALLY SENT THREATENING DEPORTATION LETTERS TO 100 EU NATIONALS BY ACCIDENT!!!

How the shit do you send 100 letters by accident?


A recent opinion article discussed the American Anthem protests some NFL players are continuing this year after being started by a player last year at this time. It reflects almost my exact feelings on it that I posted in here last year, although perhaps a bit more eloquently. The protest has morphed a bit (for the better imo) but I still think they are using the wrong stage.

Anyway, I really liked it and wanted to share it.

“If you think the country can be better, stand for the ideal. If you think the answer is people showing unity, stand with them. The anthem is not the national police song. The anthem is not the national racists song. The anthem is an exercise in how this country can endure and rise, how we can agree on its future potential, even while struggling with its present. The anthem’s words depict a flag that is suffering through bombs and rockets. You could easily view those bombs and rockets as the challenges our democracy faces today, and the flag a symbol of rising above them.” -Mitch Albom


That’s a load of baloney, sorry


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No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Star Spangled Banner was written by an actual slave owner (Francis Scott Key) who wrote the above words most probably because he took joy in their deaths during the War of 1812 - When the British locally recruited slaves and former slaves against the Americans.

I will begrudge nobody who refuses to stand for that.