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Yadda, yadda. We discussed that last year when I posted on this. Same point holds true now. Your facts are irrelevant in the context in which the Anthem is used today, much like many words and phrases were born with one meaning and grew to mean something completely different and often the exact opposite.

Don’t misunderstand me tho. I 100% agree with and whole-heartedly support the reasons behind their protest. Just the stage is all wrong. It’s like being angry about a serial arsonist and picketing the fire department. Just not quite the right venue.


No they aren’t. The anthem was written by a man who owned slaves, stood for slavery and included a verse celebrating their terror and deaths. That never goes away - Ever.

Asking, no - demanding that all people stand for that anthem is an incredibly privileged position. Why should African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans etc who have been racially profiled, discriminated against and systemically oppressed not just for their entire lives but for many generations stand up for an anthem that doesn’t stand up for them? How can you link an article that says “It isn’t the national racists song” when the anthem was penned by a racist slave owner who wrote lyrics celebrating their deaths?

Which begs the question - What is the right stage?


You sound like you are arguing without knowing what you’re arguing about. They are not protesting against the national anthem, simply doing it DURING it. It’s been done several times by several high profile people for a whole multitude of reasons. All misguided.

Protesting the actual anthem is a whole nother can of worms I have no interest in pursuing.

And who’s “demanding”???


Is refusing to stand for the anthem not in fact a statement against the Anthem? Because of what it represents - America - And in many cases some of the less desirable things about it?

Sitting during the anthem basically requires no effort. Its one of the most passive acts of protest there is and a very easy way to bring attention to something. I fail to see how using your platform for that is inappropriate. You’re still an American and still have just as much right to anyone else to protest or speak up. The fact you play Football for a living shouldn’t interfere with that.

Guy who wrote your article

Any chance you could link it too?


You are having a completely different argument so I’m at a loss in how to respond to you so I guess I just won’t.


No, i’m literally arguing against the exact sentiment of the article you posted. I am specifically calling that out. Perhaps you just don’t like what I am saying.





My mistake then for assuming you were inviting a discussion.


Some german news, and crazy “black humor advertisement”:

In germany (Kiel) a man (41) burned his wife (38) alive in their car. She was sitting on the passenger seat, and he was putting her on fire with the help of petrol - two times! I translated a part of the German article with Google translater:

She tries in vain to flee. But he gets them in, sets them on fire for the first time, “to give her a lesson for her arrogant behavior,” as the prosecutor explains. Passers-by who experience the gruesome scene on the spot speak of a “living torch”. You can smother the flames once. But the man pours a gasoline over his wife a second time. Again the flames blaze, says the prosecutor. When they are extinguished, more than 90 percent of the body surface are burned. Even in a special clinic the woman’s life can not be saved.

What the fuck is going on.
And then there was this “clickable advert”.

It says in english: “Secret method of celebrities for weight loss and FAT BURN revealed
What is going on in this world… :sweat_smile:

ARTICLE (in german):


Discussion yes. Manipulating and twisting the conversation into an argument in an effort to antagonize, no.


I’m not doing any of that. I’m replying directly to the points made by the article you pasted that quote from - The article I had to google and read because it wasn’t linked.

Perhaps in the future if you are worried about people not having context, link the article so they can read it entirely. That definitely helps.


I wasn’t discussing the article. I was discussing that particular quote and only that quote. Why are you dragging this out?


Because I feel that quote is a load of baloney. Anyway,I have explained why, and you seem to have no interest in defending it so whatever. This is going nowhere



20 characters…


Man, I live in Virginia, (near Charlottesville, was up there that Saturday) and I have heard this bullshit all my life whenever people talk about flying Confederate flags, it is utterly nonsensical.

This isn’t a personal attack, I just have never been able to find logic in that statement. Not to mention that I find it baffling that someone shouldn’t be allowed to hold to their beliefs just because there is an audience.


I’m not viewing it as such so no worries there. But I’m not clear as to what you’re saying and not sure if you’re clear with what I’m saying. Can you elaborate a bit more?


People think they can ignore the history and context when they feel like it and act like those flags have a “different meaning” now, when they don’t.


Good can be pruned from bad.

I believe our National Anthem is a good example of that. We recite, sing, celebrate and essentially acknowledge only the first verse. I find it quite beautiful and on occasion moving in some instances.

History and context are COMPLETELY different things and in many cases can be total polar opposites. Take the "N"word for example. Horrible, horrible history but in many African American circles today it is a term of affection or brotherhood (at least that’s my perception as a white guy). Context son. Changes everything.

The context in which the amthem is used and viewed today is about pride in country and our hope and perseverance to overcome.

I am of the mentality that I tend to look for the good in most things. People driven to find the bad are doomed to find themselves surrounded by it.

We are of two different minds.


If someone still somehow had any doubt that the Trump administration is a bunch of wannabe fascists…


Wow! Thanks for sharing I didn’t see this. Scary…very interesting use of the justice dept. I don’t like it I can tell you that, it feels like government overreach. And, they can use any reason to justify their need for the information (ie: the people who visited the site). It’s quite concerning. I will be looking into this further to see why the judge approved it and what latitude he gave them to gather info on individuals.