General News Thread 2.0


Your context. Someone else who has spent their entire life downtrodden, oppressed by the system with no sign of the so-called “freedoms” you enjoy and which the anthem celebrates would beg to differ. And their experience is no less American than yours.

This seems to me more an appeal to tradition than anything else.

Anyway, news:


Good lord, what? So white males are the only ones happy to be here?



In another wannabe fascist news


As the culture war over the confederacy continues…

Mr. Walker is shown in the video above shortly before seeing the judge and pleading his case. For those of you not as familer with American culture Mr. Walker is making reference to civil rights Icon Martin Luther King Jr. whom Mr. Walker refers to at first as “Martin Luther Coon”

Coon is a disparaging remark against blacks much like how Nigger is used it is not as old as it was used in vaudeville shows 1840’s with terms like “Zip Coon” which would be fancy dressed black. I am under the impression the term comes from Raccoon. Which are known to go through garbage and otherwise steal things. More recently Coon is used by blacks as a synonym to ‘uncle tom’ or someone who loves being under white oppression.

The term Martin Luther Coon was used during MLK’s time and proves to me that Mr. Walker is not only in the company of people who talk like that-but that’s how he more often than not refers to MLK. Very telling that a man that talks like that about MLK is also the one trying to get the confederate propaganda in an American court room.


The insulting U.S. meaning “black person” was in use by 1837, said to be from barracoon (by 1837), from Portuguese barraca “slave depot, pen or rough enclosure for black slaves in transit in West Africa, Brazil, Cuba.” No doubt the word was boosted by the enormously popular blackface minstrel act Zip Coon (George Washington Dixon) which debuted in New York City in 1834. But it is perhaps older (one of the lead characters in the 1767 colonial comic opera “The Disappointment” is a black man named Raccoon). Coon’s age is 1843, American English, probably an alteration of British a crow’s age.

Online Etymology Dictionary

“Again, I don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism. I don’t believe it’s a symbol of slavery.”

I don’t think he’s helping his case here.


Who needs time machines? Just go visit this guy.


Wow, Trump is now over turning convictions he has no business interfering with, just because he likes the guy. I guarantee you if that person wasn’t a trump supporter they wouldn’t be having their conviction overturned. What a fucking racket.



Now this I like… no…LOVE!

Really hoping THIS will spread like wildfire, both with teams as well as with fans in attendance. Imagine a camera panning thru the stands and on the sidelines, seeing this all around. Powerful. Positive.



Why is this accepted and LOVED but a single black man can’t take a knee? I remember you whining about Kaepernick expressing himself. Honestly wtf.


Why I like this as opposed to the previous incarnations?
Because (in my view) it meshes the anthem with the message so well. Each makes the other stronger. This ADDS meaning to the anthem. And the anthem ADDS to the hope and perseverance and struggle for unity.

The anthem was (figuratively, not literally) made for this type of message. Previous forms essentially made them appear at odds with each other. Now they feed off each other. A powerful pairing rather than a divisive “one against the other” feel.

This is just how it strikes me at the emotional level.

I have NEVER been against the protest, in fact have always been supportive and in full agreement with the message. It was just the approach made no sense to me. THIS does.

I hope that helps you understand. I don’t know a better way to explain it.


So if nobody on the team stood for the anthem would that be unified enough?


That puts the anthem and message at odds again. They play much better off each other in harmony imo.



Your earlier statement makes it very clear that you don’t support what Kaepernick did.


There’s the key. I’m not sure where your confusion lies.


Ok. So it’s not really about unity then - Its about supporting the anthem.


You have a bad habit of cherry picking comments to twist what is actually said.


How is that cherry picking? That’s exactly what you are saying. People sitting in unity would be bad, people standing and holding hands would be good. Therefore this is about more than unity.

Maybe in the fact that the “acceptable” ways for people to protest seems to grow smaller and smaller.


You wanted Kaepernick to not protest. You wanted him to shut up, sit down (not literally), do what he’s told. You gave no example of “how to protest” and this current thing is absolutely not a protest.

These guys gave up. They got told to stand up after taking knees prior and they did it because they are employees who do not want to be screwed over Kaepernick currently is. You’re happy about that? Seems off to me.


Wow, sooooo untrue. Where is this coming from?