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The fact that people are using his age (85) as a reason to pardon him is absurd. He was still doing controversial shit at 83!


As the rallies and protests move from city to city across the United States we get a rare glimpse to see how police tactics differ based upon who is in the streets.

For example did you know that a BLM protestor in Virginia pulled out his gun unprovoked yelled “Hey Cracka!” and shot into a crowd of people no more than 10 feet from the police, before putting his gun away and casually walking past the police?

JK! you know that didn’t happen-that would have been national news. What really happen as you can see in the above video is that a Nazi unprovoked yells out “Hey Nigger!” tries to shoot once for a head shot but the safety stops him. Thinks about it for a second and recalls that Black Lives Matter and decides to point it down before shooting. He then walks past police. It takes 3 weeks for police to get him.

Speaking of slow police work some of the young men who assaulted a counter protestor in Virginia have been arrested. I linked that video previously. It showed a young man getting beat in a parking garage.

On to recent events in Berkley

I don’t know if this country can come back together. The division is strong. Nazi’s and Communists fighting in the streets of major American cities. How long before someone gets shot for real?


Lol what? Ok, I will need you to explain to me how your country has had wars against boths of these groups and now you allow them to define the political climate.


Interesting reading about it here on norwegian:

It is a bit Trump fault that the race war in US is getting worse, by saying that alt-left (no such thing though) is as bad as alt-right.


LOL Don’t ask me brah I just live here.

But extremism is on the rise. If I had to guess, I blame social media/Internet. The rise of the echo chamber means you don’t have to keep your social unacceptable feelings to yourself you can just go to certain places online and become embolden.

Maybe deeper than that is the fall of the major political parties. The D & R was always on the fall since my generation but now we see both parties at their weakest. The youth don’t want to be defined as Democrat or Republican those are for old people.

So I think in an effort to define themselves they are drawn to extremism.


Thanks for the article, interesting take dunno if I can fully agree cause of bad translation or what but it is always nice to get an outside looking in perspective.

So obviously I am using a translator. What does the term " Onde tunger " mean? I am getting it as “evil tounges” but what do they mean by that in the context of the sentence.

“Evil tongues, on the other hand, believe that the southern states have never lost their minds, so in pure nostalgia they focus on the battles they themselves won.”

Onde tunger, derimot, mener at sørstatene aldri har forsont seg med at de tapte, så i ren nostalgi fokuserer de på slagene de selv vant.


It’s something like this:

Evil tongues, on the other hand, thinks that the southern states have never reconciliation that they lost, so in nostalgia they focus on the battles they won.

Evil tongues is if people tells lies , morally wrong etc.


Not to be outdone by a hurricane and internal strife, the North Koreans want some American attention.

Pretty ballsy, its war if that thing fails and falls on Japan. Hearing it was 3 missles in total. I wonder what NK end goal is? Can it be war?


From what i understand, NK launched 3 missiles towards Japan on saturday and 1 missile today, the missile landed outside the island Hokkaido.
And i don’t think it will be war before NK missiles hit another country.


yep, just one today.

violated Japanese airspace and all that. I cant wait for the Trump Tweet.

What do you think would happen had that missle fell short and landed in Japan?


I honestly don’t know, so far it looks like everybody is trying to avoid a war, Japan wants to have a meeting with South Korea, USA and UN safety council to discuss the latest missile launch.
South Korea answered North Korea with a military exercise with 4 F-15 and they dropped 8 1 ton bombs on a military exercise area in South Korea.


So that’s why there are fireworks at the GAMA hospital.


Holy shit. I mean, not much is suprising anymore in this topsy turvy world - But this is actually shocking in how blatant it is.

On the topic of Nazis, it seems some of the white supremacists who descended on Charlottesville were, shock horror, preparing for violence. And even looking into the legality of running over protesters.


Turns out the shooter is quite the thug with a long criminal history of violence including rape.

and not just any old generic Nazi he is an actual Klan member.


Oh man - The flooding in Houston is getting really bad.


Read this story yesterday and wanted to share it and my views.
My opinion.

I have read a few articles about this and most of them seem to have a snide attitude towards the GM for his views on Porn. Comments seem to mock the idea that porn has any effect at all. They say the GM is deeply religious…

This was his statement that sparked the headlines:

We’ve done a lot of leadership stuff with our players. Very transparent about things that happen in our game, not only with drugs and alcohol. We talk about pornography, and the effects of what that does to the minds of players and the distractions, and how that leads to abuse of—domestic abuse—to abuse of women. How it impacts relationships—we talk about a lot of things. And I don’t mind sharing with you.

All this was from a press conference about a DUI picked up by one of his players. The above was his statement when asked about "“new educational protocols in place after what happened this offseason with Yordano [Ventura] regarding drinking and driving,”

It seems that the GM takes a whole person approach and tries to help these young men become better people and not just better athletes. I know this is controversial but with the age, amounts of money, and attention these people are getting they do need guidance in how to mature into their positions. So long as he is not forcing religious conversion or rules based on religion I think the man is doing a service to these players to educate them about the dangers that seem to claim so many of their peers.

The media seems to take offense with him saying Porn can lead to abuse of women. I don’t see why that is such a controversial statement or why people get so upset.

Let me keep it funky right quick. I am 30-started watching porn since AOL so I’ll say 11 or 12. The amount of choking, spitting, cum on face, slap, bite stuff that appears on “normal” porn is outrageous. The hate and racism in the titles and in the comments of porn videos is amazing. “Black bitch gang banged by whites” “White bitch takes on black thugs” After 9/11 I noticed a rise in Muslim porn “Muslim bitch takes white dick” And more often then not the comments are filled with people talking about how much they hate the race/religion of the woman shown. A turning point for me was the realization was that interracial porn was nothing more than Black and White man playing dick race war over the bodies of black and white woman. Taking out their frustrations with each other through sex. So yeah I do think Porn fucks with your perception of sex and your expectations. I have already had friends confide in me that they try the stupid shit they saw on Porn and how it turned out.

I am in agreement with the GM, that stuff can fuck with you, so at least know what you are getting into. You wanna drink, cool just know where it can take you if you don’t handle it right. Same with Porn, same with Drugs. Just know where it can take you, so at least you can pull out if you see it going where it shouldn’t.

So to me the GM is right to warn his players of publicly accepted vices like Drugs and Booze but also to warn them about a vice that can lead them to abuse. Domestic abuse is a big deal in sports (in life) and I think any attempt to address it is good.

Shouts to a GM who cares about his players as men and not just athletes.

Edit: And then dudes wonder why they nut in 2 seconds. Well cause you are fuckin like you watch porn. It’s all about you and getting your rocks off.


What I find most disturbing about the mainstream porn is basically everything that comes out of Brazzers and people who try to imitate them. They try to make jokes out of damnable situations. “Mom teaches son how to fuck”, “spying on my stepsister”, “babysitter seduced by son” and not to mention how their “scripts” almost always include the couple in question being caught by someone else who then joins in. That shit is fucked.


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