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Cool, but what surprises me is that USA is made of immigration, without it, we (the world i mean) wouldn’t have a USA we have today, so it’s a bit surprising that USA will build walls to stop immigration, even Donald Trump’s ancestors came from Germany (Father) and Scotland (Mother).


Anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States is indeed paradoxical, but it’s by no means historically anomalous.

See American nativism in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the Immigration Act of 1924.


“A mayoral candidate for the far-right, anti-immigrant NPD party promised to get rid of Arabic numerals if elected, German media reported Friday… The Arabic numeral system is the most common system used worldwide, introduced to Europe around the 12th century.” Link


Vote him and Maths ceases to exist. I’m in.


During a rally against the far-right Pegida movement in December 2015, a protester holds a sign reading “Bis MMXVI arabische Zahlen ausweisen” (Deport Arabic numerals by 2016) | Sebastian Kahnert/EPA
Far-right German candidate promises to get rid of Arabic numerals
‘Just wait until I am mayor … then there will be normal numbers,’ says NPD mayoral candidate.
By EMMA ANDERSON 9/1/17, 6:38 PM CET
A mayoral candidate for the far-right, anti-immigrant NPD party promised to get rid of Arabic numerals if elected, German media reported Friday.

Otfried Best, who is hoping to become mayor of Völklingen, near the French border, was asked by a member of Die Partei, a satirical party, during a debate earlier this week what he thought of Arabic numerals used in the town, Stern magazine reported.

“Mr. Best … I find it alarming that in Völklingen many house numbers are displayed in Arabic numerals. How would you like to take action against this creeping foreigner infiltration?” asked the Die Partei politician.

The audience cheered and laughed, but Stern reported that Best gave a serious answer: “You just wait until I am mayor. I will change that. Then there will be normal numbers.”

What are normal numbers if arabic numbers aren’t normal? :open_mouth:.
And is there no limit for how stupid a far-right person can be?


Things are really heating up in North Korea. An earthquake was detected earlier today which was the result of a nuclear test - NK claims it was an H-bomb.


The only good thing about this is that now China and Russia is worried as well, but i don’t think Kim-Jong Un is stupid enough to use either nuclear or hydrogen bomb against any country.




And that’s my friends, why the AfD is more dangerous. Similar ideologies but the AfD hides it better.


Weed Them Out


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In OTHER news… while we’re stuck here talking about emojis, things are getting very serious on the Korean peninsula:


Russia are going to have a meeting with South Korea tomorrow, so i think if North Korea does something stupid, the will have to fight Russia, China, South Korea, Japan and USA, so i think Kim is just teasing Trump, because North Korea will have more missile launches, but i don’t think they are stupid enough to attack another country.


It’s not really offending for me. It’s just the stupidity and the urge to create a divide that bothers me.

Have you watched the video?


We aren’t allowed to talk about that m8




And Obama got i like from me for his tweet about it :blush:.


Really, who benefits from deporting them? Nobody.

It’s all so messed up. A privileged, capitalist billionaire who has never had to want for anything in his entire life, taking unilateral action against poor, vulnerable young people who, despite not being citizens, have spent most of their lives in the USA.

Trump is a heartless piece of shit. Utterly, utterly shameless. Fuck him to hell and back.


I agree, we are talking about 800,000 young people that maybe don’t have family in the country they are returning to, so Trump is basically trowing 800,000 out on the street, right into poverty and what that brings with it, Trump is heartless and ruthless and this is nothing other than racism.


No! He’s protecting 'merica from the Terry Wrists!