General News Thread 2.0


They snatch and grab anybody.


Hahaha and it looks like he have second thoughts now:

It’s very clear that this man does not know what he is doing, i feel sorry for the Americans who have to live with this guy in 3 more years.


I really doubt that he’s going to last his full term, his incompetence will lead to him being impeached.


I hope he will be just that, but the Russian investigation has gone silent, so i don’t know what it takes to remove him from the office.
I don’t think incompetence is a good enough reason for impeachment, but i hope i’m wrong for the sake for the rest of the world and of course for all (or most, some like this guy and i have no idea why) Americans.


Some other disturbing, but good news, in France a terror attack is avoided, when the police arrested two people with bomb making components:

Two men were arrested on Wednesday after the discovery in an apartment in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) of components that could be used in the manufacture of explosives. Among the elements discovered by deminers of the prefecture of police, include gas cylinders and electric wire, said a source close to the file. The anti-terrorism section of the Paris public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation.
The police were called “by a man who worked in the building and who reported suspicious products in an apartment” from this suburb south of Paris, according to the Paris police prefecture.


Good to see the police are more active and actually are improving their time response to prevent attacks.


I consider impeachment to be pure fantasy at this point. If it hasn’t happened yet, it never will.

Though, I hope the US will learn from this experience and not delegate so many responsibilities into the hands of the executive, which has been left too powerful and unchecked for a long time.


Fifteen states and the District of Columbia sued Wednesday to block President Donald Trump’s plan to end a program protecting young immigrants from deportation — an act Washington state’s attorney general called “a dark time for our country.”

Very cool :smiley:


This from a few months back:

Cuba makes Republicans very weird, to say the least.

You can’t sell billions worth of weapons to the Saudis and then get righteously angry at the idea of trade with Cuba. You can’t praise the virtues of the free market in compelling peaceful change and then impose a ridiculous embargo. You can’t claim that you support freedom and then have the government tell people which countries they can visit. You can’t demonise a foreign government for what it does to its people and then force refugees fleeing that regime back into it.

The GOP’s stance on Cuba gives the lie to everything that party claims to represent. And the worst part is how self-assured and righteous they are about it.


Here’s why Politicians should be honest - You know when they’re total bigots.

I understand this is a common view in the USA but here, it is an extreme position. He can kiss his Tory leadership ambitions goodbye.


Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg says he is “completely opposed” to abortion, including in cases of rape or incest.

Yeah, this is just absurd :unamused:, a child born under this circumstances would most likely not have a good life, therefore it’s better that it’s not born at all.


I yelled at him and a UKIP candidate during a live TV panel one time. Would have been more satisfying if I knew he was this much of a prick back then.


At least it’s consistent. If you believe that an embryo or a fetus is a human being and that, therefore, abortion is no different in principle from infanticide—as I assume Jacob Rees-Mogg does—saying that abortion should be legal in cases of rape or incest is the equivalent of saying, “The murder of a child should be legal under certain circumstances.”


Consistency of stupidity is still stupidity.


Also useful to note there are many who might hold such a view, but don’t wish to codify it in law for a number of reasons. This is particularly true when one notes that abortion rates have steadily declined for the past few decades, even though access has increased.

In Australia, the line of the Liberals (our centre-right party) has historically been to adopt the line of keeping abortions “safe, legal, and rare” – this being a position held by a number of conservative Christians in the party as well.


This i agree with, total forbid abortion is something i’m against.


Yesterday, a bunch of feminists approached the house of Thierry Baudet, a right-wing politician. The feminists threw loads of paint on his house and threw a pie, made of shit, in his face. They did it because they considered Baudet a “fascist” and a “sexist”, which he factual isn’t. And still some people defended the feminists for doing what they did. Seems like The Netherlands is going backwards…


An Info wars reporter was cursed at by a child.

Owen Shroyer, the reporter is called “a fucking idiot” by a child that looks 13, 14 maybe.

To me this is all whatever. But it is made ‘worse’ that this grown man is acting like a victim, clutching his pearls like he is the victim of some deeply offensive racial, religious social economic tirade. I mean first off he miss-genders the girl from the jump. That’s why she looks shocked, confused and calls him an idiot.

“Hello young man”

Later on in explaining himself he tries to say that his words were “Hello young ma’am” Which I would argue no one talks like that. But further in listening it doesn’t sound like that’s what he said, it sounds like he said “man”

Like I said it’s whatever not a big deal but I think the fake hurt reaction of the adult is more entertaining that the reaction of the child.

“and who taught you that fowl language.”
“Oh wow oh my gosh!”

Is this the snow flake they speak of?

I have heard worse in online video games. Give me a break. Just turn away and keep it movin.


From the little i have understood, is that it was radicalizied feminsts who did this and the little i understood from trying to read Dutch is that many think he is a racist, but nevertheless trowing human feces in somebody’s face is a bit over the top :open_mouth:.


Kudo’s for trying to read Dutch! :smile: Many people call him a racist, but this is just not true. Baudet is a very intelligent man and he’s one of the most well thought out, calculated politicians in the Netherlands.