General News Thread 2.0


Known for his euroscepticism and opposition to multiculturalism

He calls himself the most important intellectual of his generation in the Netherlands in articles he wrote himself.

Baudet is right-wing and national conservative. He is against the EU and wants more independence for The Netherlands. He is against further unskilled immigration into the Netherlands, calls European culture 'superior’, supports Donald Trump

Well this is not a kind of person who i would vote for.


I just wiki’ed him right now and read that part just now and rolled my eyes.

Oh so he is one of those Race IQ boys.


If you really use Wikipedia as your only source no one takes you seriously


Sorry to tell you, but it is indeed true. You have to be either deaf or blind to not see it.

Then again, I’m not surprised, coming from you.


Have you seen any recent interviews with him?



Oh god, i hope it’s not getting this bad, when will it hit Florida?

Saturday evening.


Wasn’t Miami a city below the level of sea? Like, it has a negative altitude like most of the continental Netherlands. If I remember correctly this is the case; so with global warming you could expect Miami to eventually be buried underwater anyway… this is somewhat unsurprising but tremendously discouraging.

I’m worried about some friends I play online with. They’re in Tampa. Do you have any info or predictions for Tampa?


I’ve seen enough to tell you that anyone who calls him “a well thought out, callculated politician” and a “very intelligent man” is completely full of shit.

But sure breh, tell me how the dude that says that a woman saying “no” actually means “yes”, supports a literal rapist pick up artists, and has recent eugenics works on his library, how the fuck isn’t he a racist or a sexist?


Yeah you fucking dumbass
Advocating that women want to be raped is totally not sexists.
Believing in eugenics is totally not racist.

Holy fucking shit go check your brain. You have been completely brainwashed by fuckwits.

Yeah, now believing rape and eugenics is bad is somehow being “politically correct”.


Tampa is on the other side of Florida and further north.

On the map it will be in the light red area.

So it should be okay with just some flooding-nothing like Miami tho

When I can find out more I’ll tag you.

Looks like they will be facing serious winds and heavy rainfall-so I am guessing your pals have either left or are stocked up


If you are referring to sex, Baudet didn’t say that. He said that if (in some kind of flirting game) a woman says no, it may mean you need to try a little harder, but when she still says no after all that, then you’ll need to accept it.

Where did you get that pile of garbage from?

Could you please give me some examples?

Just watch a political debate of him.


Thinking rape and eugenics is bad =being a communist?
That’s quite the interesting claim.


Not to mention his novel with his self-insert protagonist that says that women enjoy rape.


Thierry Baudet is a politician and a historician. He likes to read stuff from other people. This doesn’t mean he likes all the stuff he reads, as he said in a house interview.

And I just keep wondering where you get this pile of garbage from…

And are you still going to explain this? It is a false accusation as far as I can see.


The book isn’t a historical one. And if anything , you can see how is philosophy of “superior cultures” comes from the same exact frame of thinking.

Where i got it from? Breh you can go fucking read his dumb novel and see for yourself.

Feel free to see his thoughts on Julien Blanc and then research who Julien Blanc is.


General reminder that dropping in and posting “no you wrong 'cause I say so” is not a contribution to civilized conversation.

Also that dropping into threads relating to real world issues to announce nobody cares about the real world suffering of others and then insult anyone who states that they do is a good way to get banned.


I’m in that area as well and there’s currently no direct hit as far as the spaghetti models, most are ~20-40 miles East and a 2 are going West past Florida into the Gulf of Mexico.

It has kept shifting West though which is making me more and more anxious. At least it’s no longer a cat 5. It will probably slow down some more, since it looks like it will at least touch the edges of Cuba. Hopefully it doesn’t linger in the Gulf and grow massively after that point.

I’ll know a lot more tomorrow, it’s still way too early to be sure that it’s coming my way.


I just wanted to put this here to give props and attention to this guy. Way better man than me, becuase the lady would have gotten to me.

This is from Cananda and the guy’s name is Jagmeet Singh.

So crazy love and respect to Mr. Singh, he is on some MLK level and I admire it. I wanna be like Mr. Singh but I am still too hot headed for that.

What a champ.


Alonf the psychology courses I took a while ago, my teacher once explained Kohlberg’s theory of mental stages of moral development. She said that the highest two levels of moral development were exceptionally rare and few people could achieve that in a given action; and even less on a recurrent basis. She pointed out Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and MLK jr as the only three people in history that she could confirm got to the highest stage of moral development on a daily basis by all the rules.

I have not watched the video… but just to say that I do not think this guy is either Jesus, nor Gandhi. So i’ll go about and say i’ll watch it knowing you may be overrating him.