General News Thread 2.0


LOL say what you want man, but the dude showed uncommon patience to something that would make most people go ham.

Most people cant even have folks talk like that to them on the internet without losing it.

So naw he aint Jesus but he is the closest I have seen to a MLK type reaction to hate inches from your face.


But what’s wrong with her? He is not a muslim, he is a Sikh and as far as i know they don’t have Sharia laws :open_mouth:, if someone is going to be a racist, learn the difference between races and religions is my advice, this is just blind racism.


Somebody else have noticed this too:

Sikh politician is being commended for the grace he showed in handling a racist heckler at a town hall meeting.

Jagmeet Singh was campaigning for party leader of Canada’s NDP Party when an Ontario event was interrupt by a very animated woman screaming about Sharia, the Vancouver Daily Hive reported.

“Across social networks, Singh is being praised for how he handled the heckler, who had mistaken his Sikh turban for Islam — hence calling out Sharia Law, which is an Islamic law,” the Daily Hive explained.

Despite the angry woman, Singh remained calm and smiling, leading the crowd in chanting his campaign slogan, “love and courage.”

“We don’t want to be intimidated by hate, we don’t want hatred to ruin a positive event,” Singh explained. “We welcome you. We love you. We support you, and we love you.”

In a separate campaign interview, Singh explained his experiences with Islamophobia.

“As a Sikh I know the right answer isn’t to say, ‘I’m not a Muslim’ but it’s to say that ‘hate is wrong,’” Singh explained.

Hear, hear.


She’s just one of a few batshit loons making themselves known up here—clearly beyond unintelligent, since she can’t even get her racism right. There’s been a surge in their visibility since Trump showed his true colours.


I thought he was a known racist and classist since the 80s and also son to a Klan member. So… don’t think this was a thing back then.


Not really. Trump’s been a lot of things over the years, including a liberal. He changes shades like he changes suits. He just wants to be loved, and has a bizarre way of seeking that kind of affection.


@LackofPants? Is everything still alright at your place?


Yeah, keep us updated if you can.


Irma is 10 mile from Key West right now, 5,6 mill people has been asked to leave their home and maybe @LackofPants is one of them? In norwegian news they say that it is the biggest evacuation in US history.


Where do all these people have to stay?
Probably not everybody has a friendly place somewhere else…


I don’t know, maybe a refugee camp is made or something, i think after it hit land it will be over in a day or so.

Miami and Tampa can go clear of Irma, she change the course towards west of Tampa in the gulf of Mexico.

For those who want to follow it, you can do it here, it is also another hurrican behind Irma :open_mouth:.,18.21,1107/loc=-81.028,23.969

But it’s updated every 3 hours :grimacing:.


Usually sport halls are turned into Hurricane emergency shelters for people who have no other place to stay and/or lost their homes. It’s very crowed but at least you’re having a roof over your head and you don’t have to worry about food and medical aid.


Irma hitting Key West now :grimacing:, Cat 4 when it hit land.


We haven’t left, but that’s because we are in a very safe place and the situation is nowhere near as bad as it could be. We might have left or at least gone to a designated shelter if it were a full category 5 with a direct landfall at our place, but the current storm intensity/projection is not like that.

We should be completely safe, our home is rock solid and we have impact glass. It was built recently and it is rated to withstand/survive a category 5 storm like Andrew, a 4 should be alright. And we prepared, we have a new generator and all of the possible essentials one might need.

I might give one more update later before all hell breaks loose. It’s projected to get rough in about ~10 hours and I should lose power. I won’t be posting for a while if/when we lose power, so don’t freak out. :slight_smile:

edit, I had to share this with you guys, it’s my favorite thing to come out of the storm, only in a place like Florida :joy:


It looks like you are in luck and only 3 people dead so far, will it hit Tallahassee or will it go further west? Towards Pensacola or go in land in Louisiana?


It could go up the East coast still after crossing through Florida, up through Georgia/South Carolina/North Carolina. The problem with these storms is that they can turn at any point. It might go past me and then turn west, it might shift so far west that the eye passes directly over us, I’m not sure. The ~12hour projections seem to be a little too unpredictable for me to take them as gospel.

And also the 3 people who died were all driving in the worst place for the storm (Monroe County, which includes the Keys). I wish those people would have figured out a plan a little sooner, it’s a damn shame.


I have been to Key West me and a friend drove around Florida for 14 days the year after hurrican Andrew and the bridges to mainland is not a good place to be when a cat 5 hurricane is on your heels :open_mouth:.


Everything is very windy now, but it’s pretty eerie because there’s zero lightning and no thunder. Just loud wind and louder bursts of gusts. It’s only a category 2 now and it doesn’t seem to be passing over us, we’re getting a light version of the storm in my area.

It’s looking very positive, but I still expect my power to go out. Wish me luck, hopefully the power isn’t out for a week!


My Mom lives in Cocoa Beach lost her power at 7:30pm


Meanwhile, on the Internet


I think it was BBC that had a buncj of backlash about them posting on the news a video about using dark skinned emojis and black people’s gifs as racism; and now they publish this. Is there any reason for these?