General News Thread 2.0


LOL because racial slurs randomly pop out of my mouth in frustration.

I am sure somehow we can make dude the victim in all this, it was those mean ol black people fault and that hippity hop music they make.


Given that this is Mr. Felix we are talking, I just can tell you that you shouldn’t be surprised if more controversies like this one show up.
What really interested me of the note was the mention of he having association with family-friendly stuff like Disney and YT advertisers of that nature. I mean, I watched some of his videos when he was starting his career and I can’t remember a single one that didn’t included at very least a generous portion of vulgarity or something offensive.
How he was even considered for friendly content is anyone’s guess.


Backlash from who? Scourged? lol


In one of the controversial videos, Mr Kjellberg paid two people through a crowd-sourcing website to hold up a sign which read “Death to all Jews”.
PewDiePie accepted the material was offensive, but said he did not support “any kind of hateful attitudes”.

Yeah, right… :roll_eyes:

The 27-year-old Swede - real name Felix Kjellberg - could be heard using the racial slur while he was playing a video game during a live streaming.
After using the term, he apologised and said: “I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

Yeah, right again… :roll_eyes:

He has previously had to defend himself over allegations of anti-Semitism, and was suspended from Twitter for making jokes about so-called Islamic State.

Sounds like true racsim to me.


Is Irma very close to Tampa now? I thought it would have moved past Florida by now, just woke up it’s 10:28 AM here in Norway, so Irma have moved very little through the night.


Using the N word in most cases would count as racism, Jeremy Clarkson from British Top Gear used the N word in one episode, i watched the episode and was thinking what did he just say, please don’t say he said what i think he said, because it could be misunderstood for racism and it sure was, so in the end Jeremy Clarkson was fired from BBC and Top Gear, something is just not appropriate to say in public and in my opinion the N word is one of them.

Just for the record i loved Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson and the 2 others was fun to watch, but the use of the N word was a bit too much.


Oh god… Her we go again…:

North Korea has warned that it will inflict “the greatest pain and suffering” on the US if it continues to call for fresh sanctions in response to the regime’s sixth nuclear test last week.

According to a draft resolution leaked to the media, Washington wants the UN security council to support a halt to oil exports to North Korea and a freeze on the assets of its leader, Kim Jong-un.

I have to agree with Putin:



Already happening!

Also lol at “heated gaming moment”

Next time I die in a video game I am going to shout FUCK, WE MUST SECURE A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN! But it will be ok, i’ll immediately “apologize” (which everyone knows means I can’t be criticised and that talking about it in any way or form, especially accurately, is bad)


And those same people that say Nigger is just a word will flip shit for days if you dare call them racist.


Seems there was a mass shooting in Dallas overnight. 7 dead, 2 wounded.


Irma is currently around Cedar Key, FL. Hurricanes don’t generally move all that fast, especially once they make landfall. I’ve read Irma speeds as low as 7 mph (11 kph) but it varies up and down as it progresses. Florida is roughly 400 miles (640km) from north to south so it will take some time.



So it have moved quite a bit and have moved past Tampa, will it move right over Tallahassee and into Georgia?


I believe that’s what I last read, yeah. It’s downgraded to a Catagory 1 or a Tropical Storm now depending on your source but still quite capable of delivering significant wind and flooding damage.


These pearl clutching parents have removed their six year old son from his primary school in a row over whether another pupil should be recognised as transgender.

“Nigel and Sally Rowe said their son became confused as to why the child dressed as both a boy and a girl.”

Basically, they want the School to defy the Equality Act 2010 and discriminate against a transgender child purely so their own kid doesn’t have to think critically about important questions - Whilst using their religion as a shield to try and deflect accusations of transphobia. What shitty parents.

The Rowes say the suggestion that gender is fluid conflicts with their Christian beliefs as a family

Then that’s your own damn problem. The school in question is a Church of England School, and is able to accept that it is simply no big deal to refer to a child using their desired pronouns. It makes a big difference to their emotional wellbeing and is, at the very most, an utterly trivial change of wording for you.

“I am shocked by the suggestion, especially from a church school, that just because we question the notion that a six-year-old boy can really become a girl, we are transphobic.”

I am shocked by the suggestion that I am racist! all I did was question the notion of black and white children sitting together in class! I am shocked by the suggestion that I am homophobic! All I did was question the notion of two men getting married! I am shocked by the suggestion that I am sexist! All I did was question the notion of women working in jobs that are traditionally meant for men! I’m JUST ASKING QUESTIIONS!!!

Weak ass argument.


I bring this story attention because of the timeliness of the conversation about the use of racial slurs as just words. I won’t recap the story since I posted 3 sources.

The incident stands as a direct rejection of Mr. Felix’s defenders as racial slurs are just words and intent matters more than the words.

Since some of my countrymen don’t believe that saying nigger makes one racist-I am not surprised to see them also saying attempting a lynching of black person WHILE saying nigger also doesn’t make one racist.

The youth in question are reported to have been using racial slurs (the articles don’t say which ones) but I’ll take the liberty to say more than likely nigger was among them.

So that’s the crux of my position. Nigger is a fighting word. Those youth were calling him such language before attempting to murder him. In my own personal life I have been attacked by whites who called me a nigger before chasing me down. My own brother has been harassed by that same word by white youth-it is meant as a threat of violence. It’s not about pride, or being offended. Call me a nigger and I am clutching my weapon waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I am “amused” by my countrymen who are not under threat of this word telling me how to react to it.

The 8 year old biracial kid who was almost lynched now will have a violent reaction to nigger for the rest of his life. He will not forget it and I am sure will not be one of the people saying Nigger is just a word-get over it. He was almost killed because he was a nigger- and I bet would have been the last words he heard.

To me nigger is a prelude to violence. One need only look at Virginia. I posted a video a few weeks back of a white man attempting to shoot a black man after yelling “Hey nigger!”

So that’s my reply it’s not just a funny word to say to be edgy and cool, it’s not just free speech it is a threat of violence.




Dude, be whiter



Well I’m just saying that because I clearly remember you being the one to
post the article, and saying that it was evidence that we were “moving
backwards” as a civilization.

Is that an unfair statement?