General News Thread 2.0


Yes, it is. Overdramatization as usual.


This thread is moving backwards.

Oh, BTW… a whole heap of sanctions have just been passed by the UN on the DPRK.

Unfortunately, the pressure being applied will result in ordinary North Koreans suffering the most, as they continue to live in their Truman Show hellhole.


Destiny 2 has Kekistan Guantlets. Deej praises kek and pepe.


Kekistan is a load of bollocks.


Just 4chan, WOW and memes bro.


With a healthy dose of white nationalism thrown in.



Nihility is one of my favourite Death Metal albums, so i’m really shocked by this. Not a particularly good advert for death metal - The only time it appears in the news is when controversial shit happens or an entire band gang rapes someone.



Have you listened to their latest album? Much less technical and a lot more groovy; but it just feels right! Fully reccomend it.

Oh and by the by… if you dislike reading a journal only to find metal bands being named when they do sometjing wrong; read metal journals instead. I personally love metalinjection over blabbermouth or metalhammer; actually I discovered metalinjection thanks to Scott Ian Lewis’ partner’s twitter feed (he is Carnifex’s singer. She is a pinup model and I think I read she was studying astrophisics too).


No, I actually haven’t listened to anything they’ve done since releasing
Nihility. I saw them live when that album was new, but never kept up with
their later developments. Obviously, I heard about their tour bus accident
in 2007 that killed the drummer Vitek (who was a stupidly talented drummer,
RIP) and forced pretty much the entire band apart from the guitarist/main
songwriter to quit due to injuries sustained. Very sad indeed.

Anyway, I’m not sure I want to listen to any of their new stuff now, not
after this. Obviously everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the
alleged incident casts a pretty big, inescapable cloud over them for now
and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

Also, I do read metalinjection, metalsucks, loudwire and other music sites.
I’m just saying that metal only seems to appear in the news in a major way
when there’s something like this happening (or when Metallica headline
Glastonbury I guess).


This obelisk is at the entrance of Olimpic Stadium, in Rome. How you could understand it’s a fascist monument like the whole stadium. It survived at the distruction of many fascist monuments after Mussolini’s fall. Now some politicians say that obelisk must be removed, or at least the words “Mussolini Dux” have to be cancelled. I think it’s something extremely stupid. It’s a historic monument now. History is made by good and bad things. If we don’t want fascism returns we have to study why it came to power, not hide his tracks like it never existed


The only reason to have a monument is to celebrate something. It’s the same argument people use for wanting to keep confederate monuments, but tearing them down doesn’t “erase the past” - It stops idolation and worship.

Anyway, NK fired another missile. Fucking idiots.


Oh, wow, it’s a bit worrying when we know what NK have said about Japan and USA after the new sactions :grimacing:.

Is this one also launched towards Japan?

The Japanese government says a North Korean ballistic missile has flown over northern Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean. The government is advising people to stay away from anything that could be missile debris.

I’m speechless…


That Fascist piece of shit should be sealed or something-_-


The whole stadium is a monument to the fascism. It was built to celebrate the power, and then survived. So should we destroy the stadium and any other fascist monument in Italy, Germany? I don’t think. It would be impossible and even if it’s possible, it would be stupid.
To anwer to @Quinn the reason of the monument could be celebrate something, but coul be witness the past. And the past is made also by bad events as fascism. Censor tracks of fascism isn’t the best way to fight its return. It’s only usefull to get stronger neofascist movements, luckily still weak in Italy. To avoid fascism we must study it. We must read fascist books, as I read Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Because fascism and nazism were answers to real problems of Italy and Germany in that years. Wrong answers, yes, but answers. They didn’t come from outside society, but inside the people


im a yank so whatever but didnt ya’ll drag that man out in the street and lynch him by a pole? Clearly things worshipping his image shouldn’t be out in the street. Put it in a Musuem or the university where it can be protected and learned from in the proper setting. Dedicate the stadium to a national hero/culture

I have no love for him no way so you could really just build over the whole thing. but hey im a yank so whatever


Or you could just have Roma FC moving away and leave it to Lazio. I hear their fanbase is nazi; they’ll be happy.



A bucket exploded or something, several people was really badly burned in their faces :open_mouth:.


Reports there could be a second explosive device as well is what I’m reading now, scary as I use the London underground once a week normally, hope everyone stays safe.


18 people wounded says norwegian news and it was homemade bombs with timers, so this was a new terror attack :open_mouth:.


Yeah Ive read 18 people as well, a lot with severe burns. Looking like a terror attack more and more isn’t it