General News Thread 2.0


He calls booing towards people that protest agains him for great anger, Trump splits the US people more and more :rage:.


My friend posted this on Facebook and it made me chuckle (He’s a Seahawks fan heh)

First he came for Mexicans, and I did not speak out, because I was not Mexican.

Then he came for the disabled, and I did not speak out, because I was not disabled.

Then he came for women, and I did not speak out, because I was not a woman.

Then he came for Muslims, and I did not speak out,
because I was not a Muslim.

Then he came for the transgendered, and I did not speak out, because I was not transgender.

Then he came for NFL players, and I was like NOT COOL, MAN! YOU LEAVE MY PLAYERS ALONE!


I think your friend should speak out as early as the Mexicans, but that’s just my opinion.
Trump is holding a press conference right now, i have to watch this time and i hope the press eats him alive :joy:.


He did, he’s been outspokenly critical of Trump. He’s making a point that criticism of popular athletes seems to be the line that a lot of people draw.


Hahaha, ah, now i understand, i’m a bit slow sometimes :joy:, so this was meant for the Americans, you can almost do anything but don’t mess with the NFL players, i get it now :blush:.




Then this happens

Suddenly, the silence is deafening.

It’s almost like it was never really about the emails… Almost.


I can’t watch the Trump press conference any longer, i can’t stand him and i just want to :face_vomiting:.


you still sick bro?

Get well soon


But why are you pissed? I thought you are Norwegian? I’m asking because that emoji. I fuking hate Trump and Capitalism


Hahaha, i haven’t got rid of the cold yet, i’m not :face_with_thermometer: there anymore, more like this now :sneezing_face:, so maybe it’s time to back down a bit :joy:.

Yes i am, but i don’t know what that have to do with this, Norway is allied with US, but that dosen’t mean that i have to like the current president of US.


This :face_vomiting: face vomiting? I thought that was a emoji for trowing up? And that is how i feel when watching him.


No the Moment when you talked about how Trump made USA people split even more. I have to ask why you even care about that?


Because nobody likes seeing Trump and his cronies trying to erode the rights that many marginalised groups within the USA have fought like hell to get.


Because he does and i don’t think it’s right and i don’t like it, a president of the US (all world government should) should bring the people closer to each other and not split them like he is doing.

US is a big and important country for the world peace and therefore it’s important to know what’s going on there and i can’t say i like the way Trump is changing the US to his liking.


I really have to disagree that US is important country for the World Peace. Otherwise i mostly agree with you


This is a map of US military personnel deployments in the world, so in my opinion US is a big part of the world peace.


Erm, it’s the other way around. US imperialism has funded countless wars and torn countless countries into shreds. Not sure why you would show a stat of military personnel deployments. That’s peace keeping, that’s a demonstration of power.


I guess it should be that’s not peace keeping. It is a demostration of power which also works as peace keeping.


Finally someone who understands:)! I like you already


Last week women were also allowed to enter a sports stadium for the first time.