General News Thread 3.0

Because otherwise they’d have to essentially shut down all air travel - which would essentially require some sort of federal action to enact. And Donny doesn’t like it when states ask him to do his job and nobody wants him to send the DHS to liberate air crew from quarantine.

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Alright now for something I haven’t done in a while and pick the best photos from The Guardian’s photography section. Usually I do the daily pictures but since it is Sunday they will be from throughout the week.


Portland, Oregon, USA

A protest is maced in the face by riot control forces in Portland during a protest against the actions of US police forces. Portland has had several citizens take by federal government agents without due cause. Donald Trump of course decided to double down by send more agents.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Of course what you are seeing the Great Mosque at Mecca now filled with pilgrims under coronavirus restrictions. The Hajj is one of five central tenets of Islam and dictates that a adherent make a pilgrimage to Mecca , the holiest of Islam’s four holy cities.

Washington DC, USA

The body of US civil rights leader John Lewis is shown here being laid in state in the Capital Rotunda. He is now buried in South-View Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia with a funeral hosting several US presidents and a written statement by another (Jimmy Carter)

Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korean senior officials were given commemorative pistols by the nation’s leader Kim Jong-Un. This week marks the 67th Anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement. A ceasefire negotiated by UN-led forces that split the nation in two.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Members of the NFCA hold up their firearms during a protest against police brutality in the US. This one was held in honour of native daughter Breonna Taylor. Taylor was shot during a no-knock raid after police received the wrong address.


A series of portraits taken of people protesting the Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s mishandling of COVID-19 and his corruption scandal has prompted protests by many Israeli.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A school teaher ambraces one of her students using a personal invention she has dubbed the “hug kit”. Brazil has seen a tremendous surge in cases due to the complete failure of almost every level of their federal government to do anything at all. In fact Bolsonaro has just made it easier for every one to get up to 16 automatic weapons.

Seoul, South Korea

Here we see a South Korean military band performing during a celebration ceremony for the same ceasefire I mentioned earlier.

Austin, Texas, USA

Garrett Foster. Shot and killed by a reactionary counter-protester who allegedly drove into a crowd of protesters. The suspect’s identity remains undisclosed for now.

Selma, Alabama, USA

John Lewis’ body is pulled by horsedrawn carriage over Edmund Pettus Bridge where almost half a decade ago Lewis was severely beaten by Selma’s police department during riots over a march crossing the bridge.

Dakar, Senegal

A child takes a sheep to be cleansed ahead of the Eid al-Adha festival. Also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, it is one of the Islamic faith’s biggest holidays (alongside Eid al-Fitr which commemorates the end of Ramadan). The festival commemorates the tale of Abraham and Ismael. Animal sacrifices are often made using sheep much like in the Quranic and Biblical take.

Le Tuzan, France

The aftermath of a massive wildfire that has destroyed 150 hectares of French forest.

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Here is a cute piece of news. I do find it interesting how it feels like in a short space of time, a leader being married with kids used to be essential to be electable, but with Johnson and his gf, Trump and his famous affairs, and the Finnish PM just getting married now, and having already had a kid with her husband before marriage, it seems that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.


Joe would crush Trump in a debate.

The Trump campaign seems to want one. The Biden campaign seems to not want one. I can’t remember who suggested it, but I thought the “I’ll debate you only if you release your tax returns from the last 10 years,” was a good idea.

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Typically the failing campaign wants more debates. Susan Collins asked for 16 debates with her opponent.

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The Daily Beast found a bunch of “far right” “news” sites have been publishing stories written by fake journalists with manufactured backgrounds and credentials.

Essentially someone made a whole bunch of accounts with stolen/doctored and claimed they had prestigious journalism credentials - then posted their “writing” on blogs etc for far-right types to cite and thus get the story into the journalism ecosystem.

Most venues have taken them down - but at least one far right site has decided that there’s nothing suspicious about an article submitted by a fictional person and since they can’t prove it’s wrong they’re keeping it.

The other popular alt-right “journalist” who is noted for having posted a whole bunch of these as facts is Andy “a milkshake gave me brain damage” Ngo.

I’m struggling to be surprised.


That guy, damn. I’d be genuinely scared of him if he wasn’t such a complete dumbass. The amount of deceptive and deliberately misleading stuff he gets up to should instantly rule him out of being a credible or trustworthy source, but no - These days, journalists who are caught lying usually become Prime Minister or something.

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Yeah, it also has special meanings for Romanians too… :smile:

Fuck me, this is like watching a clown run across a minefield


Wait this isn’t the funny video and picture thread.


Here is a video that shows numerous POV’s of the explosion that happened in Beirut. Watch at your own discretion.


Swan: “Oh, you’re doing death as a proportion of cases. I’m talking about death as a proportion of population. That’s where the U.S. is really bad. Much worse than South Korea, Germany, etc.”

Trump: “You can’t do that.”

Swan: “Why can’t I do that?”

What the fuck.