General News Thread 3.0

The thread in the actual Twitter posts there make interesting reading.

They’re basically split down the line between “This is terrible!” to “Good! We need that wall!”.


I don’t see how they need the wall. If Trump had the brains to up drone presence, change a few laws and employ some more people to border patrol there would be no need for the wall or the upgrades to pre-existing fencing.

But to some people thinking fries their tiny minds. Trump and his base are a good example of this.


Trump isn’t thinking about what’s effective. He’s just thinking about a physical structure that will be ascribed to him in history.

The parrots from his base on the Twitter thread presume the wall will end illegal crossings.

They also presume that “illegals” ruin ecology anyway by defecating just anywhere and so on. So it is OK for Trump to sort of write a cheque against ecology and a UNESCO site as the alternative is destruction of ecology by “illegals”.

The end of someone else’s means justifies any means.

Logic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stalin said the same in Berlin and one of the most iconic moments of the 80s was that wall coming down.

Oh gee if only there was some way you could go through or around a wall…

But human faecal matter composts and white people also leave their shit lying around. Plus I bet you they would have fits if I put a freeway right over Arlington. Knock down Lee’s house and put a freeway up so I can get to The Hill easier.

The “illegals” never blew up their own parks though, how can you be so retarded you think shitting in the woods is like blowing up sacred dead and centuries old cacti?

God if I was president the first thing I would do is make sure an person who didn’t graduate high school unable to vote. If you aren’t smart/competent/ motivated enough to finish school you should have no say in your government.

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That’s not all… the ongoing demolition has uncovered human remains. Apparently parts of Monument Hill are an ancient burial site.

I said sacred dead further down. Apaches who did more to fight for America than any Trump supporter.

But all is not doom and gloom for Arizona since they rejected a open-pit copper mine in a jaguar site. In fact this also protects sites belonging to the same tribe as Organ Pipes.


All this shows the world though how Trump conducts his business - with no regards to restraint or decency…

It’s kind of incredible the base he’s built around the same logic though…

Yeah I get that he has been doing this for three years and if you have seen his budget you would know that it is likely to continue.

It isn’t to me. There are far to many people that are too uniformed or indolent to be good for all of a nation.

I also understand he’s used the last 30 years testing his platform. And he’s been building that base on the same kind of people he exploited during his debt restructuring: “Blue Collar (White) Americans”.

Oh I thought he only exploited illegal migrant workers, oh the irony.

If I was president I would make some changes to bankruptcy laws. It would be like this “Chapter 11? Nah mate this book only goes to Chapter 6. Enjoy the bread line fucker”.

You would think after the second time he went bankrupt he would have been rejected from filing again.


He exploited them all. But his charm seems to work best on Blue Collar White Americans. A group his son Donald Jr. is also very effective at persuading. They believe Trump is one of their people… but he made it.

They made him a member when he personally interceded to stop the bank foreclosure on a farm worked on by hardworking (white) folks.

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Charm should be around so many quotation marks. Blue collar people have charm, Trump has as much charm as a broken mirror.

Donald Jr. also has a severe lack of actual charm. Also reminds me of another change “No giving the company to your dickspawn. Either they get a real degree in the thing you do or they can become self-made”. Stop me if I sound too Che Guevara right now.

But he didn’t. “Small loan of a million dollars” ring a bell? of course it doesn’t it didn’t resonate then so it shouldn’t ring now.

So that is all I have to do? Be nice once and hope that things like “not dying of disease”, “viable roads” and “having a planet to live on” aren’t their top priorities?

Be nice once - to a self pitying demographic - and make sure it’s flashed all over print, TV, and today… the Twitter.


The things I would do to Twitter if I was president. Far too long to list.

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What a fucking cunt. The absolute gall of him.


Yay my country found out our Indigenous Australians are in fact indigenous to Australia.

This is a huge blow to Peter Dutton and his goon squad. Also the biggest advancement of Indigenous rights in ages.


So the Australian Trail of Tears has finally ended.

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Uh no not by a long shot but this week, we are doing better than Dynamite Donnie and Trudeau if this article is any indication

Didn’t you leader say he would stop projects like this from going forward?

Yes, well, he lied. Big surprise. Although indigenous people were citizens here before they were there, so I win.

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