Getting personal data from IOI

A while ago there was a thing here about getting the data IOI hold. I did that and have a file from whenever it was. I’d like to do it again but can’t find the topic, can’t remember what is needed and didn’t get a response to the e-mail query. Is anyone able and willing to remind me how this happens? Cheers. @Travis_IOI

There should be a button where you can log into your IOI account on the website.

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You mean this thing?

Also IOI Account can be accessed here:


I couldn’t find it, not easily anyway. Looks like @misterkiller has come up with the goods, though.

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Thanks. I got a confirmation e-mail that the stuff’ll be with me within 30 days.

You’re welcome.
If you retrieved just your profile data, it could be delivered in a few minutes/hours.
No need to wait a month

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Oh. I didn’t see many options while doing it, maybe it’ll appear quickly enough anyway. Can’t recall how quickly I got it last time. Maybe the 30 days thing is just the GDPR limit. Anyway, thanks again.

Or just an insurance from some force majeure