Ghost Mode Frenemies/Sniper Assassin Competitors

Making this so we can add each other or reach out to find someone to go up against in Ghost Mode (team up for Sniper Assassin).
Go forth and make friends or partners in crime :grin:
Post your Platform (e.g. PS4)
Online ID/Gamertag (e.g. BK2FUT)

Note: If adding, please make sure you add a message to let the other person know who you are on the forum :blush: the amount of times I have gotten confused because their PSN doesn’t match with the Hitman Forum name :yum:


Platform Xbox One
Gamertag Wesk89

Great thread idea :grinning:

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Hello, I am looking for someone to help me get the accidental challenge on ghost mode.

Platform: PS4
Online ID: MacTonite88

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Sent ya friend request :blush:

Sure thing, hit me up for either Ghost Mode or Sniper Assassin MP! Playing on PC, Steam ID below. :slight_smile:

Just sent a friend request, too! Message me when you need challenge unlocked!

Online ID: vm356jo3

Gamertag: Lxttle_Polar
I’m decent at the game, however I know Miami almost at heart by now as it’s my favorite map. I’m trying to complete the phantom assassin challenge, and need an opponent. I’m on usually from 12 PM Est to 12 AM Est. Yes I know I have no live.

I can help you with the unlock. I personally have already unlocked that suit though, so I will just let you do your business and do something else.

Remember to do some non-target kills whenever you reach 4 points, so we won’t have to start another match. :slightly_smiling_face:

Friend request is on its way.
My ID: vm356jo3

Hold on a minute, I don’t see you having PS+ membership, is that gonna be a problem?

Yeah, I know I can still play online :confused: it shouldn’t be an issue today

Good to hear. Let me know when you finish your grinding. Let’s go!

I’m not sure which one to post this in so I’m posting it in 3 of the threads I’ve found (sorry, I’m new here)

Platform: Xbox
Username: QuantumAli
Timezone: GMT-London
Availability: Varies

Please Note: Make sure you mention that you found me on The Hitman Forum when you add me on your console, thanks.

Side notes:

  1. I only have the “Kill your last enemy with explosive” challenge remaining in ghost mode
  2. I would like to try Sniper mode with someone as I have only played the mode solo
  3. Would just like to play Ghost Mode more often in general

Good hunting…